Run the Reel Backwards

June/11/2009 16:58PM
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It seems that Americans are going through another period of questioning whether it’s good to live in this country. Those of us who are old enough remember another period very much like this.

The inglorious Carter years. Who could be proud of a president who was scared by a rabbit? Unemployment was higher than it is now. Interest rates were over 20%. People were buying gold. Iran took control of our embassy and we were helpless to get them out. The government was running the oil industry and not doing it well. We had gasoline shortages. Not much was working right. And, the root cause of much of our problems were because we had a president who didn’t bolster confidence. An inexperienced, fine, man who was lost.

President Reagan talked about a malaise. A funk that had pervaded our country and needed to be eradicated before we could get well. It was like a virus. He talked a lot about patriotism and what a great country we live in and how we can get back to the “can do” spirit. He built us up first, then built up the economy. His theory was get rid of the virus and, as citizens, begin feeling better about the country and the future, then good things can happen. He fired the air traffic controllers sending a clear message, go to work or find a job. He got our people out of Iran. He tore down the wall. People started hanging out flags again and wearing flag lapel pins. We, unlike Michele Obama, were proud of our country.

We have lots of problems in this country right now, as evidenced by the tragic events in Washington DC today. Everyone seems to think we are facing more problems, not less.

I believe the malaise that President Reagan spoke of is back. We have a president who is more concerned with how the billion Muslims in the world feel than the 300 million of us are doing. He is apologizing all over the world for every possible thing this country may have done for the entire history of America. It’s pretty hard for Americans to feel good about our country when our president is telling the world that we are a sorry lot. So, as the National morale sinks to the Carter lever or worst, there will be no economic recovery.

I’m sorry, Michele Obama, but once again, I’m not so proud of my country. Most of my pride is sapped every day your husband does something to turn us into Russia or worse or when he bad mouths us in Europe or Egypt. He is turning us into something that may make you proud, but not me. One of us should move to Europe and since I got here first, you go and take the husband and the teleprompter with you. Since Europe is dropping everything your husband thinks is a good idea, it makes one think we are on a bad, bad road.
The same mistakes are being repeated. Who will get the short straw to come in and repair the damage? I have no idea, but that person will need to rebuild our National pride just like Reagan did, because it’s sinking like a boulder in an ocean.

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