Render Under Caesar the Things Which Are Caesar’s

June/24/2009 1:36AM
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Here are a few things you are going to be asked to render unto Obama.

Your rights as a free citizen of the country that made freedom the keystone of success. Day by day, like erosion, you will sacrifice to the state. Caesar’s minions created the housing crisis. They forced banks to provide mortgages to minorities who did not have the capacity to pay the freight. They kept interest rates low so more and more mortgages could be made. They allowed Freddie and Fannie to be the facilitator for banks to offload loans they would never had made in a free market. They allowed derivatives to offload bad mortgages into all forms of investment instruments. They let them spread them all over the world. Then, they raised interest rates from 1% to 5.5% making sure the bad mortgages would fail faster. Then they blamed the greedy rich and the Wall Streeters for the mess. It was government involvement that created the problem, but Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, and Charles Schumer are taking a pass.

Caesar is asking you to forfit the futures of your kids and grand kids to his glory. He is spending money that can never be paid in their lifetimes. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are broke. Not enough, Caesar wants to tack on another 2 trillion to create a National Health Care program that will disadvantage those of you who have health care to add a mere 16 million uninsured to the rolls of insured. Pomp and glory to Caesar for being the great benefactor of these 16 million. Most of you who have insurance are not politically active. You need to render.

Caesar will use the environmental issue create a pool of dollars to use as Caesar wishes. He will continue to malign the oil industry, the coal industry, the nuclear industry, and all forms of energy to create a future energy crisis that can’t be fixed. The accountability and responsibility will be foisted to others, just as the housing issue has been blamed on the financial community. The free market would have solved our energy problems long ago, but government has stopped them at every turn. No drilling, no new refineries, no new nuclear plants, no new coal fired plants, and more ethanol, which has never made sense. Render unto Caesar.

The government’s role in the auto industry is much like their role in the housing mess. They put in CAFE standards when the industry was reeling. They failed to utilize our energy here at home, putting the industry into ups and downs on energy prices. They supported the UAW, which played the major role in bringing the industry down. Now, they use our tax dollars to prop up two companies that can’t survive. Caesar now runs the companies. Render unto Caesar.

The Fed, which played a big role in the housing crisis, will now oversee the business community. Reassuring. The Fed will not disclose how much they have put into the monetary system. Congress is trying to pass a resolution to audit the Fed. There is a concern that the undisclosed total of money put into the system may be as much as $8 trillion. No one knows. Only Caesar.

You must give up liberties, private property, personal choice, freedom, and everything you hold dear to Caesar.

The fall of the Roman Empire was blamed on Caesar. Will the fall of the America Dream fall on Obama, or will your kids and grand kids consider you a coward and a fool for selling them out to Caesar?

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