New Givens in America

June/25/2009 19:33PM
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Here is a list of the new truths in America today. You dare not challenge any of these. You must accept them as fact based on consensus opinion.

People who believe this and sell it to you have a special aura. The young people who knock on your door with Bibles have this look. Kids who believe in Santa have it when you take them to see Santa. It’s a glow. It’s a special knowledge that the possess and know you need to possess also. Watch carefully as you see them present their case for these givens. They are just so special.

Global warming. These missionaries know it as fact. It gives them an advantage over the non-believers. Like religion, it will assure their place in heaven. They are saving the world. They are making a difference. No price is too big to pay for the rewards that will come later.

Universal Health Care. America is a rich country. No one should be without health insurance. This is a given. Doesn’t matter how much it costs. Doesn’t matter whether it doesn’t work in other countries. Doesn’t matter if the government can’t run Medicare and Medicaid. Doesn’t matter if there aren’t enough doctors and nurses to cover another 46 million people. Doesn’t matter if tort reform doesn’t happen. Even if doctors work 5 months a year to cover their malpractice insurance. None of this matters. It’s the same logic that said: every American should own their own home. How did that work?

Too big to fail is a given. We must selectively bail out those designated entities that get this label. No price is too big to save any organization that is too big to fail.

President Obama is a smart man and he is doing all the right things. This is a media given. Not necessarily shared by millions of Americans. More may be falling off this wagon every day. We must do all the things he feels we need to do and do them at mach speed. If he is wrong, we can fix all the mistakes. Really, can we fix the deficits? Can we recover the lost time not spent doing the opposite. Is America too big to fail? Where did this special knowledge Obama possesses originate? From the community organizer days? From the Illinois senate? From the 6 years in the US senate spent campaigning? Can we equate oration with judgment?

Our government can run things. We can run GM, Chrysler, banks, AIG, health insurance, two wars, medicare and medicaid, the post office, NASA, Amtrak, and maybe even the oil industry, the airline industry, and many projects yet to come. All of us know how good our government is at running things, big and small. It’s a given.

Green energy will replace fossil fuels and nuclear. It’s a given. It’s been a given for 25 years with no progress. Just not enough money and government attention has been dedicated to this end. Someone should add up all the billions we have spent without results pursuing this given.

The dollar is the currency of the world. That’s a given. Will it be a given in 5 years or will something replace the dollar?

The US is the world leader, that’s a given. We must dole out aid to all countries who need help. And, military help. It comes with the job. We will always be top dog. That’s a given. If we are making too many mistakes and going too deep in debt chasing all the givens, will this always be the case?

Brainwashing is not a pretty thing. Every day we are inundated with the givens we need to accept. Even with all our supposed freedoms, we must not question the givens. Tack this list on your wall or put it on the fridge. Every day you must go over this check list so you can be true to your country.

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