Every Incumbent Must Lose

June/23/2009 17:28PM
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If we really want change, not Obama change, but real change, we must vote every incumbent out in the next election. Regardless of what your party allegiance might be, you must vote against the incumbent. This is the only way we can rid out country of the people who are only motivated by money and power. At least some of them, and the majority for some period of time. We will never get term limits. We have to create our own.

Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter. Getting reelected is the only motivator for congress. That forces them to pander to fringe groups that pony up the money to give incumbents a four to one campaign chest advantage over any non-incumbent running against them. They don’t work for the majority, since the majority doesn’t expect to have to pay them extra to do their job. But, the fringe groups get it. They use our apathy to buy them. They get paid back for their support. The mainstream supporters get zilch. Just keep giving us your votes. Don’t expect anything in return. We can’t survive without your vote, but we can’t get elected without the other guy’s money, so we do his bidding and take your vote.

We are losing our liberty at an alarming rate. We are watching the future of our kids and grand kids being squandered for the greater good of the pompous asses we elect. Apathy is our enemy. We all know we need to do something, but are tied up in our undies.

We watch as the people in power take us down the roads of failure. The failures of Europe with their creeping socialism now being scaled back. The road of Stat-ism, where the government knows best for everything in your life. The road of cap and trade which has been an abject failure in Europe with the UN scamming all the money. The roads of California and New York states, which are broke. The road of nationalized health insurance. The Andersen Hospital in Houston, TX spends more on medical research than the entire country of Canada. Bad roads, roads losers have walked before us.

Writing letters doesn’t work. You get a form letter back. Phone calls don’t work. Contributions to the RNC won’t work. They are so lost, they don’t know what road to take.

We have to suck it up and wipe the slate clean and get all our friends and neighbors to do the same. Vote every incumbent out of office. No exceptions.

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