Enough is Enough

June/17/2009 18:38PM
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When is enough, enough? The OMB says a net 16 million uninsured Americans will be insured with Obama’s proposed health insurance plan. This takes into consideration those who will lose their insurance and those who will be insured. At one trillion dollars, that’s $62,000, per, to get those 16 million insured. It that enough?

In an Op Ed piece for the Wall Street Journal, a Jamias Cascio, San Francisco, a futurist and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies says spending billions to reduce carbon emissions is not enough. He says we must cool the planet. One idea is to put reflective material in the desert. Another is to inject tons of sulfates into the stratosphere and pumping seawater into the lower atmosphere to crate clouds. No one puts a price tag on either of these ideas. Is this enough, or too much?

Is shelling out millions to remote islands, Bermuda, and Italy to take Gitmo prisoners to keep a campaign promise enough, or too much? Spending millions on custody and long trials in the US. Maybe even building another prison in the US to move them here enough or too much?

Is trillions in deficit spending enough or should we add another trillion for health insurance?

Are 21 czars too many, or do we need another batch? If each czar with staff costs $50 million a year, is a billion too much for czars?

Is 9.4% unemployment just right or should it go to 12%? Since it continues to go up despite the stimulus bill, what will it take to bring it down? Is it already 15% in actual number, not the voodoo economics the government uses?

Is 15 states going broke enough, or do we need all 51 to go down?

Is a failing educational system a bad thing, or is it more important to have a strong teachers union?

Watching elected officials be involved in all forms of corruption, moral issues, and special interest priorities enough, or do we really need to have term limits?

I sense many Americans believe we have hit the enough is enough wall. Soon we will see apathy diminish and activism step up big time. President Obama seems to think there is no limit to how much he can shove down our throats. His charm will handle the fallout. Charm will only go so far, and it’s about hit the limit. When that limit comes, the charm will no longer be effective. In fact, it will be irritating. It will happen fast.

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