Congress Holds Hearings on Congress

June/06/2009 17:47PM
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If you watched any TV news this week, you saw the executives of Chrysler and GM being skewered by a congressional committee. These executives have a bit of a full plate with all they have to get done to save their companies, and here they are spending a day with a group of egotistical, drooling, Senators. Am I missing something here, who owns Chrysler and GM, isn’t the government? It reminded me of going to the zoo as a kid and watching the monkeys throw their feces at us. The monkeys were kind of cute, but if you watched long enough you would get some on you. Even as a kid I thought how bored the monkeys must be to find that so much fun.

Can you imagine what the executives of the two car companies were really thinking while they were answering the stupid questions being asked? Questions like: how can you close down dealers who are profitable when you are unprofitable? How can you leave these dealers with all these cars in inventory and no dealership support?

Any major politician is like a monkey. Turn on a TV camera and they will do any trick a monkey can do, even throw dung like they were doing to the car executives. The more I watched the madder I got. Who the hell do these idiots think they are fooling? Most everyone in the country realizes that the government owns and now runs the two car companies. We know that the present administration has billions of our tax dollars invested in this with almost no chance to succeed. We know that both companies filed for bankruptcy so they could start over as leaner and meaner. Meanwhile the drooling idiots we have elected to the Senate want to spin the folks back home who are being hurt by the dealer closings. Convince them that this senator did not support closing any dealerships in his or her state. Some part of that might be true, since no senator ever voted to take over Chrysler or GM, but that fight is with Obama, not the car executives.
I swear to God that anyone who ever votes for one of the scumbags who participated in this charade should just give up and drink the Kool Aid. If you aren’t smart enough to see through this and severely dislike the fact that these people think you are so stupid that your don’t recognize dishonesty, give up and stay stupid.

This is a classic example of what our elected officials in Washington think of us. And, the severe limitations each of them have. No self respecting politician should ever think we are that ignorant.

I can’t imagine the laughs at Ford. How good they must feel that they are not involved in this insanity. Someone should have put an empty chair there to represent Ford so everyone watching would remember that we have one U.S. car company not being run by fools. Or, by a car Czar who reports to no one, not even Obama.

If you though Chrysler and GM had a scant chance of making it, think about this exercise. Will the government at all levels get involved in the day to day business of running these companies? Yes, up until the time they go broke and then you will see no one with any responsibility for the mess, except Obama, of course, who can’t dodge this one. It’s his baby and he will sink in the quicksand at the same rate as these two companies. Bad idea, Mr. President, you friends in congress will watch you hang in the wind.

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