The Most Dangerous Man in America

May/04/2009 19:12PM
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We have many people in this country who could be considered for this distinction. Nancy Pelosi would get lots of votes. Barney Frank has done a lot of damage to our economy with his work in Freddie and Fannie. Obama is mortgaging the futures of our grand kids with his outrageous spending. Any politician in Illinois would get votes.

My nominee is Al Gore. Al left the vice-presidency with a net worth of $2 million. Today, that number is $200 million. Al aspires to make that a billion in the next few years. He will make that happen if everything goes according to Al’s plan. You will personally add to that number.

Al has institutionalized consensus science. He has invested in companies that will benefit from the billions in our tax dollars that will be spent on green energy based on the Global Warming scam. He has absolutely no concern about the cost that Cap and Trade will add to your monthly budget. This is not about environmental issues, this is about Al’s growing fortune.

Pushing this along is in Al’s best interest. He will pursue this regardless of his true personal beliefs. If Al really cared about this, would he continue to have one of the biggest carbon footprints in America? Why not live like Ed Begley Jr. Old Ed rides his bike everywhere, never flies on a plane, and uses zero power in his house. This is a man who believes in a cause. The cause Al believes in is Al’s bank account.

At some point down the road when all the Global Warming issues get a fair shake in the scientific community, Al Gore will be the most vilified man in this country. When all the money is spent on the bogus green energy projects and we fall further and further behind on home grown energy, Al will become very unpopular. When we go crazy trying to tap the real energy options we have in this country to dig our way out of a deep economic depression, Al won’t be getting any awards.

Will Al care. No. By then, he will be at or close to his billion net worth goal. He’ll just pick up and move somewhere else where he can live a nice life.

At that point, you will care. Your life will be seriously impacted by Al’s work. Until we get some relief from practical energy here in America, and it won’t happen fast, we will be in dire straits. Keep drinking Al’s Kool Aid, or get off the “Contribute to Al’s March to a Billion” program. When it hits you in the pocketbook, you won’t hesitate to drop old Al like a bad habit.

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  1. Chris Johnson says:

    Bill – why the change of sites? Now I gotta change my bookmarks…. my carbon footprint will be ballooning!

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