Government Motors

May/27/2009 18:13PM
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If you polled the public last December I’m guessing the majority would say GM was bankrupt. If you poll the public today, I’m again assuming that the majority would say the new GM with the government owning 70% in partners with the UAW has no chance to succeed. But, our government soldiers on handing out billions of our tax dollars to keep a leaking ship afloat.

While the government puts in place a bureaucratic organization to run Government Motors, other car manufacturers will be gearing up to outsmart the government run entity. They will, and they will do the same to Chrysler.

The private sector always beats the public sector. Even though the public sector will throw as much money at GM and Chrysler as we let them throw. It won’t matter, they will lose. They will build bad cars, they will build cars they can’t sell. The public will feel no sense of responsibility to buy from government motors. The public will buy well-built cars, cars with new technology, and cars that are well-designed.

We were lectured for 40 minutes by President Obama about the sacred nature of the Constitution in front of the National Archives. The sins of the Bush administration were laid out when it came to Gitmo. Everything the government has done in the auto industry fiasco is unconstitutional. From firing the CEO of GM to telling secured investors they were no longer secured and putting them in line behind the UAW. Respecting the Constitution is only important when others trash it, not when our current government does.

When the majority of Americans believe the government is stepping all over rights guaranteed by our Constitution, sooner or later there will be repercussions. It will come. It will come as the pain of these decisions are amplified. When it hits home, it will reallly hit home. There will change again, with the radical left moved out. You will see it start with the next round of elections in less than two years.

Everyone is worried about Socialism. I am more concerned about Fascism. Socialism is when the government owns and runs everything. Fascism is when the private sector owns commerce, but the government tells them how to run everything. That’s happening right now in the financial sector. It’s spreading. When the government fails in the auto industry, they will try to peddle the companies and then try to keep control over how they are run. Just like the banks. Just like they hope to do with health care. What’s next, the airlines and the energy industries.

Keep in mind the Federal government is populated primarily by attorneys. Attorneys don’t know how to run anything. They know how to complicate everything.

Change was moving from capitalism to fascism. Little did we know.

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