Environmental Genocide

May/24/2009 10:05AM
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In 1962, Rachael Carson wrote Silent Spring. It is arguably considered the impetus for the environmental movement. Much of this has been very good for the world. Rivers no longer catch on fire in this country, the EPA jails people who dump chemicals or other hazards that injure people. The air is cleaner and the water purer. However, like most well intentioned efforts, there have been negative effects.

There was the contention that DDT caused the shells in bird’s eggs to become thinner and could cause the extinction of whole species over time. Consensus science supported this. A world-wide ban was put on DDT. DDT was the most effective insecticide to kill mosquitoes, especially those that carry malaria.

I’m sure you don’t know that DDT was put back in service in 2006 after 25 years and an estimated 50,000,000 preventable deaths. You read it right, 50 million died for consensus science. New science suggests there was never a reason to ban DDT. Who is sorry they killed more kids and adults than Hitler and all the rest of the human vermin have done since the dawn of time? No one. They are dead or strangely mute.

In addition to killing people who died form preventable malaria, how about all those birds who died from the West Nile Virus? Or, all the people who have. We haven’t see a crow in our neighborhood for years. So much for thinning the bird’s egg shells, no DDT, just flat killed people and nature’s creatures. This is the real danger of consensus science.

But, it’s about to end. The WHO(World Health Organization) is planning to ban DDT again and kill a few million more people and birds. Why? I’ll quote Roger Bate of Africa Fighting Malaria. “WHO’s about-face has nothing to do with science or health and everything to do with bending to the will of well-placed environmentalists. Bed net manufacturers and sellers of less effective insecticides also don’t benefit when DDT is employed and therefore oppose it, often behind the scenes.”

There is no evidence DDT in the amounts necessary to kill dangerous mosquitoes imperils crops, animals, or human health. But, that has not stopped green groups from going after a re-ban of DDT. They should all have to spent a year in Africa and see how they feel about DDT. From the penthouses in NY and the mansions in Hollywood, it’s easy to sentence innocent people to death.

There should be an outrage over this. After all, these same people are so upset that Bush poured water on three terrorists, causing liberals to lose sleep, but they sleep like babies knowing their money and their influence kills millions of children every year.

Keep this in context when you ponder global warming. There is no common sense in this environmental community. Nor is there a desperate need to have debate or real science. If we destroy the economy in this country and the future for the coming generations over something later to be found bad science, will Al Gore hang himself? Maybe he will be exiled to Africa with a bottle of DEET.

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