Closing Gitmo-Prototype of Obma’s Leadership Style

May/07/2009 20:12PM
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First act as President, announce you are going to close Gitmo. No plan, no strategy, no thought as to how you are going to get that done. Fire, ready, aim. How’s that going for you Mr. President? Today congress actually discussed welfare for Gitmo prisoners who are released into this country. The House voted against your request for $50 million to close Gitmo. Now, you have a real problem. No money and no plan. The House actually said, no plan, no money.

This Gitmo situation is similar of all the Obama actions. Stimulus bill, no plan, no discussion, no debate, no personal imprint, and where is it? Same place as Gitmo. Nominees for the cabinet. Tax dodgers. Bailing out the car companies. Where is that and how will it be resolved?

Flying above all this, Obama is still in campaign mode. Big ideas, big promises, big speeches, and no plans. Card check, down in flames. No problem, throw billions in bones to the UAW, move on. A V.P. that has terminal foot in mouth disease, no problem, it’s just Joe being Joe. A Secretary of Homeland Security that produces a weekly embarrassment, no problem.

If the leader can’t lead, who does? If the leader can’t plan, who does. If the leader can’t execute some one’s plan, who does? If nothing is important but the idea, how does it get beyond the idea phase if the leader only does the idea stuff?

The criminal investigation about torture is another example. First you oppose it, then you endorse it, then it gets really sticky and you just hand it off the AG. Not your problem.

President Obama on the campaign trail made a comment about something not being in his job description. I have become convinced that the only two things in that job description are: speaking and idea-ting.

Everything on his agenda, like the closing of Gitmo will stall, just like Gitmo, without plans, strategies, and execution. Closing Gitmo may be the smallest thing on his full plate and he can’t get it done.

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