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May/16/2009 8:45AM
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The 912 Coalition is an organization to extend the work of the tea parties. So far, 600,000 Americans have joined. It’s free, just go to the 912 Coalition website. Caution, Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security may put you on a list of people to watch. After all, anyone who is not a flaming left wing liberal, card-carrying media freak, radical left-wing university professor, or a nut-case actor like Sean Penn who goes to visit Chavez, is a potential threat to this country.

Pretty hard to argue with most of the tenets of the 912 Coalition. They advocate smaller government, more freedom, less taxes, less government spending, and shrinking the size of the Federal Government. They espouse liberty, state’s rights, the place of religion in America, etc. Most of the issues I saw on signs at the Phoenix Tea Party I attended. The mirror image of what the current powers in Washington are trying to do.

Combine this with the fact that as many as 30 states have or are proposing to pass legislation to exercise their 10Th Amendment rights, and the seeds of discontent are growing. Obama and the media can dismiss nearly a million attendees at the tea parties as a non-event, but when the numbers continue to swell at the 912 Coalition and more and more states are putting Washington on notice that they will sue the Federal Government in court if they believe edicts coming out of Washington violate their rights, it could get hard to ignore. When the Federal court system is bogged down with thousands of state lawsuits challenging the Federal government’s legal right to establish gun regulations in Montana for guns made and only sold in Montana, for example, it’s getting pretty serious.

Why are the states doing this? This is my opinion, unsupported by anything but opinion, but I believe it has to do with money. Doesn’t everything in politics? The states doing this are predominantly the so-called Red states. They are worried that Obama may bail out the Blue states that are broke with money from the Red states that are in good shape or acceptable shape. Obama has no constitutional right to bail out states. But, based on behavior, the Red states don’t trust him. If he tries to send money to California, the states that oppose this will sue him and the Federal Government to stop him.

States like Texas that have a budget surplus have no plans to fix California. Obama, however, is dependent on California, NY, NJ, and most of the other states that have serious financial problems for this last election and his next one. He will surely try to print some more money to send to these states.

When this happens, you will see what the states are brewing for President Obama. It will be a tea party he will notice.

Organizations, like the 912 Coalition, are places for people who oppose the current direction the country is taking. They offset the ACLU, the unions, the environmental groups, and the other special interests that have too much control. Go to the site and check it out, it’s free.

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