Things I’ve Learned Since Inauguration Day

April/12/2009 3:15AM
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Never have I learned so much so fast. Here’s my list:

First, it’s all right to not pay your taxes. You can still be Secretary of the Treasury.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not wars, they are overseas contingencies.

The attack on the World Trade Centers were not terrorist attacks they were man caused disasters.

America is not a Christian country.

We messed up bad when we used nuclear weapons to end the war with Japan. We must tell the world this often. 

You don’t bow to the Queen, but you do bow to the Saudi King. But, if the public doesn’t like it, you just lie about what you did. 

You can depose a CEO if you are the president. And, some of the board members. Even if you don’t won one share of stock and it’s illegal. 

The government can take over any company it deems might be in financial difficulty. 

You can spend trillions even if it might eventually create hardships for future generations. If it’s in the best interests of the party in power for future elections. 

You can campaign in foreign countries. Turkey seems like a good place to present your Cap and Tax plans for the American public.

It’s not OK to pay bonuses if you took government money. If you do congress may tax the payments. Even if you put the language in a bill to allow the payments. First, you lie about doing that(Geithner and Dodd), then when caught you get angry that the CEO you put in to run the company for a dollar a year did what you authorized. But, it’s OK to pay bigger bonuses to Freddie and Fannie even though they took more money from the government. After all, they are a pool of campaign funds.

The government can do anything it needs to do. Run the auto industry, take over the banks, and fix any problems.

You can campaign on no earmarks, then sign a bill full of earmarks, just call them something else.

You can sign an order to close Gitmo even if you can’t really close it because there is no plan that will work. 

We can have a V.P. who is a pathological liar. He says he met with Bush regularly to set him straight but records show he didn’t do that. But, he gets a pass, since it’s only Joe being Joe. How novel.

None of this means beans to an ever loving media that seems to ignore all of it.

I’m on a steep learning curve. I can hardly wait for the next few months. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    I’m not sure you’ve learned the same things I have.

    First, our tax system is so complex that not even our brightest public officials (maybe an oxymoron right there!) can figure it out. I agree with you from an earlier post that our tax system needs to be simplified.

    I don’t care what gov’t officials call them…. they are wars and we all know it.

    I think you are getting too caught up in semantics. Nobody in gov’t today is suggesting that the 9/11 attacks weren’t just that… attacks by terrorists.

    I don’t think it is accurate or desirable to call the United States "a Christian country". My faith is an important, even defining, part of my life. But our country was founded on the premise that all men are created equal…. and, to me, that means that all men and women, regardless of their religous views. We are a nation of laws and our government is defined by our Constitution, not the Bible.

    The President did not suggest that "we messed up bad" when we used nuclear weapons on Japan. He only suggested that as the only country that has actually used nuclear weapons, we have special responsbilities when discussing nuclear proliferation. I think that is accurate and correct. Would you rather have the Russians or the French or the English or the Israelis or the Pakastanis lead on international nuclear proliferation issues?

    I’m not sure what the heck Obama was doing when he allegedly bowed to the Saudi King. Whatever it was, it’s pretty low on my list of things to worry about.

    We certainly disagree on the resignation of Rick Wagoner. I did use the wrong word (invest) in an earlier post, but I continue to believe that GM was seeking an enormous loan from the US gov’t. The head of the US gov’t didn’t think that the loan would have been repaid if Rick were still running the company, so they told the company that they wouldn’t get the loan if Rick were still in charge. We can certainly argue about the merits of that decision but to suggest that it was illegal isn’t accurate IMHO.

    I don’t know where you get the idea that the gov’t is taking over companies. The financial services industry came hat-in-hand to the gov’t seeking bailout. Same with the auto industry. I think we all agree that our country would be better off if we hadn’t been backed into this corner by irresponsibility…. but here we are!

    I believe that trillions are being spent in order to pull us away from the abyss… in order to improve the lives of the next generation. I don’t think it’s being done lightly and I think that decision makers understand the burden they are placing on them. I think that they believe that the alternative (no spending by anyone) would be worse for the next gen.

    Climate change is a global problem. I see nothing wrong with trying to get other countries to share our goal of a cleaner, more sustainable, planet.

    I agree on the earmarks… Obama should have vetoed that bill.

    Closing Gitmo is the goal and it’s a good one. The President has given his team some time to get a plan together to do it. He’s only been in office for 3 months!

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    It’s always good to hear the other perspecive. I stand by what I’ve learned.


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