Mandatory Congressional Drug Testing

April/06/2009 3:14AM
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Since mandatory drug testing is required in most workplaces in the private sector, why not congress? Nancy Pelosi in on record saying she would “under no circumstances support legislation requiring random drug testing of members of Congress. Still, Democrats keep pushing for decriminalization of marijuana possession. Barney Frank was also against the bill introduced last week by Rep. John Shadegg, R-Ariz. to compel random drug testing of congress. Shadegg said: ” Where better to show we’re serious about the war on drugs than right here.” At the same time, Frank introduced a bill to remove all federal penalties criminalizing the possession and use of marijuana by adults. Last year Frank, along with Rep.Barbara Lee, D-CA a and Lacy Clay D-MO introduced a bill HR5843 which would have removed federal penalties for the personal use of marijuana by responsible adults. 

Where does congress get off denying us the right to know whether our elected officials are stoked up on the floor of congress. It might help explain a lot. The old double standard. 

Obama says he would veto the bill if congress passed the bill to legalize marijuana. Members of the legalization movement have donated millions to members of congress to get it passed. Shouldn’t they get the same bang for their bucks as unions, environmental groups, and AIG?

Supposedly when interviewed about using marijuana, Obama said: “Smoking marijuana makes it hard to think.” Biden said” I prefer to drink.’ And, Pelosi said “it helps me blink.”

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  1. Tom Reynolds says:

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander.!!!!!!! I also ask the same question as Bill. When are we going to get mad enough to get congress to do what we want!!!

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