E-Check Must be Renewed

April/10/2009 2:42AM
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E-Check is a system for employers to verify the potential employee is a U.S. citizen. It is free to the employer. It is a proven system. Thousands of employers use this system and more are using it every day. Congress declined to renew the process by did extend it to 9-30-09. 

If it is not renewed, the Heritage Foundation estimates that as many as 300,000 illegals my get jobs created by the Stimulus Bill. Most of these will be in construction.

This seems worse than many of the issues already causing public outrage. AIG paying bonus money to executives with taxpayer money. Freddie and Fannie paying bonus money to employees with taxpayer money. Lot’s of outrage on the former, almost no noise on the latter. 

Today the USA Today reported that mortgage assistance is being provided to slumlords and other property owners who are on a government watch list due to past misuse of government subsidies. The amount already given to this group is $300 million. 

What earthly reason does congress have to E-Check. It is a government data base developed by Homeland Security to help employers follow the law regarding hiring illegals. It simply cross-checks the applicants social security number to verify that the person applying for the job is who they purport to be. What does this violate? Supposedly, congress thinks it is a racial issue. 

How better can we stem the tide of illegals entering the country and blitzing our economy by sending millions of dollars back home, using our health care system, our schools, and committing crimes? If illegals can’t get jobs here, the incentive to come here lessens. Legals who follow the process will be able to get jobs. 

It’s a simple, legal tool to enforce our laws. Why would we choose to scrap the process? The only motive I can find is political. If elected officials feel they will lose votes by helping employers follow the law, they opt to place a hardship on the employers to keep votes.

If you extend this thought process, police should not be able to carry guns, use DNA testing, have databases to check for outstanding warrants, etc. Where does it end?

Go on record with your elected officials that you support E-Check. Help make sure your $300 million is taxes for the Stimulus Bill goes to job creation for U.S. citizen. 

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