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March/16/2009 19:00PM
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One of my favorite NBA all-stars appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. He spoke about his feelings regarding our true heroes, the men and women who serve in our Armed Services. He feels the attitude in Washington is grossly unfair to every one of them. Recently, in the UK, a huge crowd hassled member of the UK military when they returned home from service in the war zone. A large majority of the crowd appeared to Muslim, Arab, or Middle Eastern. 

Mr. Malone feels our men and women need to be celebrated when they come home from the fronts. He is sincere when he says he demands that congress stop the waffling about our commitments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He calls anyone waffling unpatriotic and insulting to our true heroes. He says he feels a need to slap them around for this despicable behavior. He volunteered to administer the slapping personally. Karl got pretty emotional about this. 

This attitude goes right to the top, the new Commander and Chief, President Obama. View this : Two presidents and two different reactions from the troops. If you were serving in the military and you knew each leader’s attitude about the work you do, how would you react? This is trickle down from the military to the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, etc. These groups, who watch our backs and defend our liberty, get little respect from the new administration. Close Gitmo, it’s not important. Put dolts in charge of the groups who manage intelligence and protect our shores. It’s not important to have quality people in those jobs. Play politics with the military, the CIA, and Homeland Security. Discount the work done to round up the terrorists we housed at Gitmo. 

If the people who pull the loads to do this critical work don’t respect the people at the top, the morale drops. 

Maybe the answer is turning Karl Malone loose on the whole bunch. They need a collective slap from most Americans. I will delegate mine to Karl. I watched him play and admired his work and know he can still do it better than most. l    

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