President Pelsosi Promises Yet Another Stimulus Bill

March/13/2009 19:00PM
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Will another stimulus bill be yesterday’s business? Will it be Bush’s fault? Will it fly? Yes, yes, and yes.

Is the new president delegating everything to Pelosi? Seems he is. At some point, this will damage his approval rating. Is he running the country, or is he just watching while others run the business of government?

How will the country respond to another stimulus bill? As Americans save, Washington spends record amounts. There will be a backlash. At some point, bi-partisan projectile vomiting will occur. Enough is enough, even when it comes to gifting Democrats for the next election, deadbeats who don’t work and never will, people who don’t pay mortgages and can’t despite efforts to  help, and businesses that are going to fail, regardless of government largess. 

The rush to Socialism will halt. Income redistribution will hit the wall. Profound pain will be too intense. Mortgaging our grand kids futures will seep through more people’s reality.

When that time comes, is Obama just sitting back to lay the blame on Pelosi. Bush is vanishing fast. Need a new scapegoat, why not Pelosi. If all stimulus packages fail, not his deal. Like voting present. Like signing an earmarks bill.

When galloping inflation hits, not his deal.

Business as usual. The speaker takes hundreds of trips on military aircraft and beats the hell out of anyone in the business world who does. She is more important than the captains of industry. Her security and time take precedence over all others. Obama better watch or she will be hopping on Air Force One and she will be on Southwest. 

The country is eagerly waiting for Obama to stop Pelosi from getting everything she wants. If she had run for president she would have set a record for fewest votes ever. Nader would have trounced her. Is the whole country going to be beholden to the wishes of San Francisco?

President Obama, grow a set. Take your job from the Speaker of the House. Slap her down and shut her up. Stop the trash she is collecting from becoming jewelery.

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