Obama’s Missteps Escalate

March/05/2009 0:31AM
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Never in my lifetime has I seen a president get  so far out of control so fast as President Obama. Concerns put forth in this blog for months are coming to pass. 

First, we have all the mistakes made in trying to put together his team. It’s easier to name the ones who pay taxes since the majority didn’t. Quality isn’t part of the equation. I have warned about Napolitano as Director of Homeland Security. I hope I’m wrong, but I fear I’m not. How about a press secretary who can’t talk?

Then we have a stimulus bill that no one, including the President, read. The timetable took precedence over the need to be thoughtful. After all it was a mere $800 billion.

Americans had barely digested that when he announced his budget. Deficits as far as the eye can see. Everyone criticized Bush and Paulson for not shooting straight on the first piece of the TARP spending. Despite repeated questioning no one can tell us why we keep bailing out AIG and how they are using the money. Now his own party is turning on him on the budget with all the earmarks and pork. It may not pass. He seems so unconcerned about little things like trillions in debt. Going to finance it with a withdrawal from Iraq that turns out to be on the original schedule. And, cutting subsidies from rich farmers. But, we will step up Afghanistan, offsetting all that.

Undaunted, Obama pledges cap and trade. The news today announced world-wide climate has flat lined since 2002 . They think there will be some cooling in the next 20 years. But, they say after that global warming will return with a vengeance. Gee, I guess all Americans should pay a trillion in new taxes, all meaning all of those who make under $250,000 a year, meaning all. And, make this sacrifice in this economy.

Let’s scrap all efforts to develop known energy in America too. Let’s go after the elusive renewable energy. That holy grail we have chased for 25 years now producing 1% of our energy after billions and years. Why not set us back another 10 years and set us up for the next crude price run up. 

Also, let’s give more health care to more Americans free. We won’t have more doctors, nurses, or hospitals, we will just ramp up demand and create chaos. Another timetable issue.

Speaking of timetables, let’s close Gitmo. No plan, still no plan, let’s just close it.

Dash off a letter to the Russians on the missile shield. Remember all the comments Obama made about Bush looking Putin in the eye. At least Bush had the cajonies to go look him in the eye. He didn’t drop him a line. 

Now, Obama tell the labor unions they will get card check and get it soon. Another timetable. If I’m not wrong the UAW is a big reason GM, Chrysler, and Ford are in trouble. Probably makes sense to expand the problems to other businesses. Did the networks cover the big AFL-CIO boondoggle in Miami at the $400 a night hotel?

Let’s see if we can screw up charitable giving while we’re at it and cut the deduction for that. After all in this economy who needs help? 

Go on TV and give investment advice to the public. I’ll wager what Obama knows about investing I could put in a thimble. No problem. He really believes he is still the Messiah. 

Oh, how the might is falling. Our Messiah has feet of clay. He’s just a community organizer with a zeal for big government and socialism who is putting that zeal ahead of good judgment. When you see his party pulling away on the budget and some media questioning whether Pelosi is a liability(Newsweek), you see it’s starting to unravel. A talker who is a man of few deeds. All flash and dash. No substance.

What’s with all the czars? Energy czar, auto czar, health czar. Am I in Czarist Russia? Might be. 

Any time you try to put 100 pounds of manure in a 5 pound bag, you are going to get a lot on you and when other’s get the scent, they retreat. 

President Obama had better get a bigger bag. The one he has is spilling over badly.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ervin Pietsch says:

    I think you might be optimistic; wait till he gives into Iran, and they start a nuclear war with Israeli. I have had a couple of experiences in my life where young MBA’s got in over their head and really screwed things up. Obama is just like them, they make decisions on things they have no knowledge on, and then get in trouble and have no way out. At least in the compaines I worked for they would get fired and did not stick around for 4 years.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Everyone was concerned about Obama’s inexperience managing or running anything except a campaign. This ain’t no campaign he’s got now. But, he’s running it like one. He erases the blackboard every day and starts over. No thought, no planning, no looking at consequences, just make big promises. We are in deep trouble while he learns on the job.

    Bill Robertson

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