Obama to Take Over the Running of Businesses in U.S.

March/30/2009 4:01AM
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Nobody does it better. Who is more qualified to fix troubled businesses in this country than our Federal Government? What an astounding track record we have with government running businesses. Don’t you just love going to the post office? Or, riding Amtrak? Or, reading about the billions in Medicare fraud? Or, the $200 toilet seats? Or, the way the tax cheat and liar Tim Geitner handled the AIG bonus problem?

It makes perfect sense to me for Geitner, Bernanke and Obama to ask the American public to endorse this on National TV last week. Who could be against it?

Look at Freddie and Fannie and all they did for us.

Look at what the government help has done for the auto industry?

How about the corner drugstore? Wouldn’t it be fun to see it run like the post office?

Central Planning. Isn’t that an idea that hasn’t worked?

Are you going to sit idly by and watch this happen?

The very foundations of this country are being jackhammered by the current administration. Not one problem we face as a nation is expected to be solved by none other than an inept government. Listen carefully to President Obama talk about addressing these problems. He plans to fix each and every one. It is like watching one of those guys on the old Ed Sullivan Show spinning plates on sticks. He keeps adding sticks and plates every day. At some point the plates start falling and he can’t control the ones he’s still trying to spin. Plate overload. It’s something many inexperienced managers try to do. An experienced executive narrows the number of plates to those he knows he can handle. The traditional maximum is usually about six. Do six well and then move on to add one when you take one down. Not our current leader. He wants you to believe he has unlimited plate competence. Hard to spin those plates when you never spend any time doing work.

This administration is power drunk. They want it all and want it now. If we give it to them it will be our loss. We will never get it back. It will reach a point where no one can come up with the money it takes to wrest the power from the group that prints the money.

What our government does best is to find scapegoats and place blame. A complicit media helps with that.

Look what they did to Northern Trust. A successful bank that didn’t need help from the government. They crammed the TARP money down their throat. Then when Northern did business as usual, followed the formula that made them successful when other’s failed, finding and rewarding wealth clients, the media and the government stepped in and made them look like criminals. For what? Sponsoring a golf tournament and entertaining clients who have been losing lots of money since our economy tanked. The result, send the money back and get the government out of your business. 

If you want our government running more and more businesses badly just endorse the platform. If you think this is a bad idea, let them all know. Call, write, and harass them. Attend a Tea Party near you on 4-15-09 with some signage that describes your outrage.    

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Comments (2)

  1. Ervin Pietsch says:

    I think the stock market is going to give them a good reply today on what they think of this plan. As I write this at 7 am central time, all signs show that the market will go down a few hundred points based on what they are trying to do.
    Are they ever going to figure out that a new plan every dan is not going to work. If we don’t get some reasonal plan and stick with it we are all gong to be very poor. The Obama Team is lost and they have never manage anything.

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