Obama Adopts Madoff Economic Strategy

March/30/2009 23:52PM
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How did old Bernie scam all those smart people all those years? He gave them nice returns on their investments in bad times as well as good. Kept the money coming in the front door so the returns could be paid. No one ever had any immediate pain. In many of these schemes there are no tax forms sent with the checks. That’s even better. You can get the investor in an illegal situation and it’s harder for the investor to complain if the money stops coming. Instant gratification. That’s what runs this country today. 

So, let’s get the good times rolling again in the old USA. All we have to do is stiff our kids and grand kids. Spend, spend, and spend until we get spending going again. Put off all the pain for 10 years. Get everyone reelected. Make the public happy. We fixed the problem. Of course, those in power in ten years will find what we did impossible to fix, but that’s not our problem. 

Let’s not just fix the immediate problem, but while we are at it, let’s fix all the problems we have ever talked about fixing all at the same time. Health care, environment, energy, labor, free speech, gun control, and more government control over every aspect of human life. Let’s do it all now. What’s a few trillion more?

Look how long Bernie pulled it off. Obama only has to do it four more years, he’ll be re elected, then pass the problem off to the next fool in eight years. 

It’s the biggest ponzi scheme ever undertaken. Instead of counting on the money coming in the front door to finance the farce, we borrow against the future and use that to buy love. 

Since the U.S. has pretty much lost all common sense, the timing’s perfect.

Keep focus on big problems like the AIG bonus money, and not on the $2 trillion in useless spending.

Make people feel good about universal health care, not mad about the 12 million illegals who will get the benefits. 

Tell people you will keep them from losing their homes, but you are just delaying the problem with more spending.

Save the auto industry, but force them to build small cars like the Smart car that is piling up in Penske lots all over America.

Common sense with Madoff went like this. I know a guy who knows a guy who can get you in as a client with Bernie. He’s not taking new clients, but I think I can pull some strings. Here’s a list of who’s who that are Bernies’s clients. Don’t you want to join the smart crowd.

Common sense with Obama goes like this. President Obama is really smart. He’s a great communicator. Hence, he must be good at running the country. We need to trust him and give him a chance to prove he’s what we need.

My common sense goes like this. A consummate campaigner, he’s still campaigning. He’s not doing a lick of real work. He’s totally clueless about the future damage he’s doing to this country. He’s in awe of himself and what’s happened to him so fast. He’s surrounded himself with mediocre people. He is delegating everything to an inept congress. He is above the fray. Loving himself as much as he believes the nation loves him. Not a lick of common sense or a bit of concern for what might come down the road in ten years.  

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Comments (8)

  1. Ervin Pietsch says:

    If this continues, before the end of his term there will be a revolution. It will start in Texas and continue through the middle of America. Gun control will be the last straw, which starts this. I know I certainly don’t feel comfortable living near Chicago without a gun, where the Police have to have guns that will shoot 100 rounds per minute to keep up with the criminals.

  2. Tom Reynolds says:

    Hopefullly we will wake up. I notice at the local coffee shop the smart table is allready talking about getting the President replaced. They are finally realizing all this free stuff is going to cost us lots of money and more importantly cut in on the farm giveaway.

  3. Chris Johnson says:

    <<Save the auto industry, but force them to build small cars like the Smart car that is piling up in Penske lots all over America.>>

    Read the whole article instead of just the headline: http://www.usatoday.com/money/autos/2009-03-23-smart-car-sales-slip_N.htm

    You’ll see that Smart’s sales have fallen some, but not as much as most cars. "Despite skittish customers, it still took just 28 days, on average, to sell a Smart in February, the Power Information Network notes. That’s twice as long as it took in summer…but far quicker than the industry’s average 95 days to move a car off the lot."

    I, for one, am happy with the President’s recent actions with GM and Chrysler, including forcing the CEO of GM out. When your company comes hat-in-hand to the taxpayers for a bailout after losing $68 billion and around 95% of it’s market cap during your 8 years of leadership, you have failed and you need to go.

  4. Bill Robertson says:


    Please download a picture of you in your Smart car. Did you overlook the title of that article you cited. Orphans Piling Up on Lots Around the Country? People are bailing on their deposits. Hundreds of them. Selective reporting,Chris. Glad to see you are back from spring break. I’m taking the grandkids to the Cubs game today. It takes a sedan and a van. Question: How many Obamamobiles will it take?

    Bill Robertson

  5. grannyann says:

    I totally agree with you. I feel like Obama is "in love" with Air Force One and Marine One. Has anyone besides me noticed how often he flies and that he goes places and spends money for no reason. He could say some of this stuff via videos and even the internet. He tells everyone else to save while he spends, spends……I think he feels flying around is a status symbol. We need to be careful though because Biden and definitely Pelosi would be far WORSE than Obama

  6. Chris Johnson says:

    I read the entire article, not just the headline.

    You should be taking your kids & grandkids to Sox games!

  7. Chris Johnson says:

    oh… and by the way… my American made Hybrid seats 8.

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