Be Careful What You Wish For–Socialism in Practice

March/12/2009 3:50AM
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Be careful what you wish for. Socialism is becoming less threatening to too many Americans today. Maybe even attractive to a good many Americans. Most have never seen it first hand. Sean Penn hobnobs with Hugo Chavez. An actress from Venezuela, Ms. Alanzo,  tells Penn he has no idea what life is really like in her home country and he needs to shut his pie hole. Some readers of this blog seem to think becoming socialistic would be a good thing for America.

Hat’s off to Joe Beatty, an old friend of mine. He puts it in perspective that we can all understand. Thanks, Joe, this blog’s for you.  

“Having spent 50% of my time over the past 17 years working in the FSU (Former Soviet Union) and surrounding Eastern European countries, I have seen and felt where we are going.

In these countries which were socialist economies (like we are becoming), the middle class never existed or was expunged to maintain central control. Everyday life is like dealing with the Post Office and IRS for everything.

There is no economic freedom without individual freedom and no individual freedom without economic freedom.

Under the old Soviet system and other socialist economies, they had FOUR FREEDOMS…free education, free housing, free medical care and lastly worked for free to pay for the first three ‘FREEDOMS’.

But, these very bright, educated people reached an accommodation with the socialist central planned government…’they pretended to work and the government pretended to pay them. All was well in paradise.”

March 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJoe Beatty

So, do you want America to be like this? If you do, just hang in there, it’s coming. If you don’t get up and fight.

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