Barney Frank’s Pontius Pilot Act is Wearing Thin

March/19/2009 2:34AM
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Today it’s AIG on the hot seat. It’s not about the $180 billion we may have wasted, it’s about the $165 million in bonuses they shouldn’t have paid. Even though Chris Dodd, another Pontius, put a provision in the Stimulus Bill to do just that. But, we all know no one read the stimulus bill, right?

When do we stop the guilty from blaming others who are less guilty.

Remember last year it was Big Oil. Congress disallows all know forms of new energy production. When demand grows and the balance gets tight, it’s time to make a big show of whipping the oil CEO’s. 

Old Barney was more responsible than any one for the housing crisis. Didn’t stop him from horsewhipping the CEO’s of finance on TV. Can’t let a little hypocrisy get in the way of good theatre. Or, reelection points.

The auto industry. Congress is about to pass a bill making it easier to unionize companies. The UAW got a pass from congress when the CEO’s got their trip to the woodshed. The biggest problem, not the billions that congress gave them that we will ultimately lose, it was the corporate jets.

When are we going to have enough? We can’t let these idiots stir up all this trouble, then act like a magician and turn a bird loose to distract us from their guilt. 

Congress and the Administration let the AIG problem happen. A bailout that never should have happened. Then, $165 million in bonus payments right in front of Barney’s nose. 

How much more history do we need? When government gets involved nothing good happens. 

When can we have the hearings on the billions in Medicare fraud?  The billions the Post Office has lost. The ineptitude of Amtrak losing record amounts when ridership is at record levels. The millions spent in trying to resolve the wild horse problem while making it worse by closing all rendering plants and causing the economy to tank thus forcing people to turn horses loose they can’t afford to feed. If you can botch the wild horse problem as Washington has done, you have no business doing anything.

So, why are we so worried about Obama’s plan to make government bigger? Have I not made the case against it?

We need term limits in this country and we need them bad.  

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Comments (4)

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    umm…. it’s "Pontius Pilate"

  2. Bill Robertson says:


    For once you are absolutely correct. I did look it up but it seems that most people spell it the way I did. Going with the majority is dangerous as we are seeing today.


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