America With No Middle Class

March/09/2009 3:02AM
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What will we face in this country with no middle class?

Like it or not, the ranks of the middle class in this country are shrinking. The middle class has always been made up of people who worked hard and achieved success. People who invested in stock in businesses that grew, paid dividends, and appreciated in value. Companies like GE and GM. People who put money back into houses to add to their appreciation. People who  ran successful businesses and hired people and made them middle class. People who worked hard for big corporations and added to the success of their employers.   People who bought things and made others successful. People who paid their taxes and gave to charity. People who put a premium on education so their children could achieve more than they achieved. People who had health insurance.

The rewards to this group today are few and far between. They have lost 60% of their investment values. They have lost 50% of their home values. They have lost their jobs. They can’t spend and give to charity. They can’t trust making investments in corporations, since they have no trust that corporations will pay dividends or appreceiate in value.  People who are losing hope. People who are scared. People who are angry. 

Who is not part of the middle class? Those who have so much money they have no grasp of reality. They are committed to lofty goals like a pristine environment with no manufacturing, no drilling, no concern about jobs since many have never had one. People who may want everything for everyone, but many do not make personal charitable donations of any magnitude. People who make laws, make movies, and make friends with others who are obscenely rich.

Then there are those who have tried to do better but struggle. Or, those who don’t try but expect to be taken care of in the same way as the middle class.  For want of a better term, this is the lower class. Some will move up, others never try.

We have a government now that has taken a head count. They feel they can stay in power without the middle class. They will always have the extreme rich vote. That group has had a guilt complex forever, and with no hitch to reality, they will support the idea that everyone else should be equal, excluding them. of course. The lower class is outnumbering the middle class. So, let’s pull the middle class down and we will have a lock on the future. That’s the current political end game.

Just a few more steps and the group in power will be there. Taxing the middle class will help. It will drive another stake in the perilous financial state they are suffering. Do card check. This union move will close some businesses, raise wages for the hourly worker, and drain some more profits from the middle class businesses. Put in cap and trade. This will tax everyone, but tax the middle class more since they are heavier energy users. Both at home and in their businesses. Further, it will drive down the stock market, reduce corporate profits, and push more middle class voters into the lower class. Do universal health insurance. Fewer businesses will offer health insurance and everyone will be equal. Equally dependent on government.

As the middle class shrinks, America shrinks. We become poorer as a country. We need more money from taxes to cover the growing needs of a burgeoning lower class that is getting more and more help from the government.

Ultimately, we become a country of few opportunities. That makes it self-fulfilling. There are few who can afford to try the American Dream again. They are too dependent on their government for everything. We will have regressed to a state where we can’t turn it around.

I am not in favor of conspiracy theories. But, I believe when you elect a man president who was never properly vetted by a fawning media that let it happen, this is the risk you take. 

If you are part of the middle class or aspire to be, you have better wake up and take heed. This is the master plan from Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Durbin, and those in power. If successful, they will be in power forever.

When you have nothing left, no investments, no house, no job, no health care, and no prospects, you will vote for them. They are the only option for your survival, the survival of your kids and grand kids. Unless, you move to a country that has not followed this path. Or, a country that did and is reverting to the formula that made this country so great.

Think about it hard, think about it every day, and then consider what you can do about it before it’s too late. And too late is sooner than you think.  

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Comments (5)

  1. Ervin Pietsch says:

    If what you say happens, and I agree there is a good chance, I think we will see states starting to split off. It will probably start with Texas. Hopefully it will be a peaceful split, so I can move to a state that has split off.

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    Based on your description of "middle class", you must clearly count yourself among the "middle class". Tho you might think that (apparently, most people think of themselves as "middle class" according to this ->, I think it’s a stretch. Data from the US Census website tells us that the top 20% of income earners in 2007, those with household incomes of $100K and up, earned almost 50% of all the income earned in the US while the bottom 40%, household incomes below about $20K earned only 12.1%. Where do you fit in?

    The wealth disparity is even greater and is growing more disparite. Based on 2004 numbers (latest I could find with just a quick websearch), almost 85% of the wealth of this country is concentrated in the hands of 20% of the population. The least wealthy 40% has around 0.2% of the country’s wealth.

    I don’t know how you might chose to define those who are "obscenely rich" or the "extreme rich", but these are extremely small slices of the population and I suspect that they are more evenly balanced between repubs and dems than you suggest.

    You suggest that one of the ways that the "group in power" would "pull the middle class down" is by "taxing the middle class". I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the "group in power" just passed a tax cut for 95% of Americans. The "group in power" has suggested that those making more than $250K (hardly the "middle class" and something less than 5% of us) should pay a little more and I think that is reasonable given that this group has benefited so greatly in the last 20-30 years. We are in a terrible fiscal crisis and we should have all hands on deck. Asking the most successful among us (some, tho not me, might even say "extreme rich" or "obscenly rich") to pay a little more is not unreasonable.

  3. Joe Beatty says:

    Having spent 50% of my time over the past 17 years working in the FSU (Former Soviet Union) and surrounding Eastern European countries, I have seen and felt where we are going.

    In these countries which were socialist economies (like we are becoming), the middle class never existed or was exponged to maintain central control. Everyday life is like dealing with the Post Office and IRS for everything.

    There is no economic freedom without individual freedom and no individual freedom without economic freedom.

    Under the old Soviet system and other socialist economies, they had FOUR FREEDOMS…free education, free housing, free medical care and lastly worked for free to pay for the first three ‘FREEDOMS’.

    But, these very bright, educated people reached an accommodation with the socialist central planned government…’they pretended to work and the government pretended to pay them. All was well in paradise.

  4. Bill Robertson says:


    How can I add to what my good friend Joe Beatty said. Just keep hanging in there with your dazzeling array of numbers. Ask some of your friends whether they feel they have lost a lot in the past year. I just had a waitress tell me she can’t believe the kids of applications they are getting for her job. A friend who manages some dental offices just hired a laid-off manager of a Walmart who was making $160M a year for $55M to run a dental office.

    Cap and trade will tax all Americans but hit the poorest hardest.

    Feel free to stick to your beliefs, but for the first time in my life it’s coming unraveled. Fewer and fewer are choosing to watch and do nothing. Me included.

    Bill Robertson

  5. Ervin Pietsch says:

    Who controlled congress the last two years, and who were the crooks in Congress that casued the housing poblem????

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