U.S. Car Companies are History

February/02/2009 5:29AM
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The Detroit Auto show was when the U.S. auto manufacturers jumped the shark. In Happy Days when the Fonz jumped the shark, the show ended. Every TV series since has had an episode where pundits say that’s when it went too far, or jumped the shark, and that was it. How did GM, Ford, and Chrysler, jump the shark at the Detroit Auto Show. By showing they are being run by Washington. The crown jewels for all three at the show were the electric cars. The public is not excited about electric cars, Washington is. Washington now owns two of these car companies and may soon own the third. So they are forgetting the consumer and bending to the new whims of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. 

They admit they can’t make money producing electric cars. But, the new bank, The Bank of the United States, is mandating they make them. The new bank says they will not only subsidize the car companies to make them, they will subsidize the buyers to buy them. This is really good business. You and I are going to finance broke companies to make cars no one wants and then try to entice buyers with more tax dollars.

See what you get with Socialism. You dance to government’s tune. It’s what we say we want as a country. Soon it will be your turn to dance because government will have you on the string. 

GM is going to build a battery plant in Michigan to produce the batteries for the cars people won’t buy. Isn’t that smart? But, the broke State of Michigan will give them enough money to build the plant to create jobs that the State of Michigan has run off with their tax policies. Aren’t you glad you don’t live in Michigan? There they get to donate tax money to the car companies, the buyers of the cars, and the plant that makes the batteries for the cars no one wants to buy. Triple jeopardy.

So, it won’t be file chapter 11 to get rid of the problems that are killing GM and Chrysler, it will be a slow painful death for them. They will take your money build cars congress wants and lose money one every car and still go to chapter 11 two years and billions down the road.

Happy Days are Here Again.

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Comments (2)

  1. Scott King says:

    Well Gov Granholm did promise in 5 years we’d be blown away. Not sure our current condition is what she meant. I did ask my tax man for the Daschle plan.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    I’m surprised Granholm isn’t on the cabinet. Azizona’s governor is watching your back in Homeland Security after she trashed the budget in Arizona. She looks like one of the Javilna that come to my fence to beg. That might scare terrorists.

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