The Obama Stimulus Package

February/04/2009 17:40PM
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Is it just me, or is the new president just floating above all the dirty work of putting together the stimulus package that will bear his name and maybe his shame? He’s is just focused on getting a stimulus package out by his deadline. Content seems unimportant.

If I were responsible for the package, and it would affect my political future, I would be taking a bigger interest in the package. He is already being ripped for letting a PorK Package or a Dog’s Breakfast Package get this far. When he goes up to the Hill to get involved, it’s always to get it passed, not address the flaws. 

The country is really angry about this deal. It’s insulting in these times to have the House and the Senate to play the worst of old political games. Using our country’s dire financial mess to expedite their grab for pork and special interest ideas they have been chasing for years. We should be madder. We should be e-mailing and telephoning and letter writing. It’s the epitome of arrogance for these clowns to be presenting a bait and switch bill to a wounded public and crow about it. It’s incumbent for the leader of this country to stop this. He needs to show firm leadership, go up to the Hill, and tell the clowns : “not on my watch.” I promised the American people it would not be business as usual and I’m keeping that promise. After all, it’s a bigger promise than closing Gitmo. 

Why would any responsible leader put time before quality on something this important? Especially, when most of the benefits that are in the current version don’t kick in until 2010 at the earliest. Where is the cost benefit study? If we make government buildings more energy efficient, how long is the payback? How do we justify creating new jobs at a cost of $1,000,000 per job as one study showed. Why do experts keep paring down the number of new jobs that will come of this “jobs” package?

President Obama, you may try to blame others if this doesn’t work, but it will have your name and fingerprints all over it. Even your version of Tass, The New York Times gored your ox this week over this mess. Between this and your cabinet mess, picking Clinton retreads and tax cheats, your honeymoon is the shortest I can remember. I’ve yet to see true leadership. And, by the way, you seem to think the boundary line on prominent people and ordinary citizens rests in politics. Based on my career, my net worth, and my judgment, I feel far more prominent than the people who are screwing you around on this stimulus package, so don’t dis me with that stuff anymore. 

Good luck, Mr. President. I believe we are seeing the problem with your lack of experience. A good leader pays attention to something that will bear his name and his reputation. If the stimulus package doesn’t create new jobs and turn things around, and it won’t as it stands, it’s on you. Fix it now. Refuse to sign it as it stands. Don’t use your political capital to support the worst example of bad government in my lifetime.

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