Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, But You Get to Pay Peter Back

February/10/2009 3:01AM
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It is very interesting to watch the state of Arizona try to fix the mess the new Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano left behind. A minimum $2 billion budget deficit and running out of money by May, the new governor, Jan Brewer, a republican, pledged to cut costs and balance the broken budget.She and the state legislators are  proposing to slash expenses. Everything they propose to cut there is a protest. Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, big cuts proposed, big protests.Closing parks, big protests. No one who is affected by a cut wants a cut. They want the cuts to affect others, not them.

When all the businesses who have had to make big cuts announced the cuts, there were people who had to swallow the bad news and move on. In the public sector, no government worker moves on, they protest. No citizen or professor takes the news, knowing that spending on their behalf has gotten out of hand the past 8 years, and moves on, instead they protest. This is core to the danger of the new stimulus package. It can’t go away.Too many protests.

Today’s Arizona Republic has an editorial that places responsibility on the new governor to bring home the bacon from the stimulus package. That will allow the state to keep spending and not make cuts. That will make the ugly protests go away. That will allow no sacrifices until next year or the year after. So the media wants the taxpayers from all around the country to prop up bad spending practices to avoid making cuts that need to be made.The same media that makes the protests work. The same media that needs a bailout because their spending has not been cut back, but their revenue has, and they are going broke.By covering every protest, they ease their conscience for their own bad behaviour and ,somehow, hope someone will cover their protest when they print their last paper.

So that’s how it will work.Trickle down money. A governor does dumb things. She gets promoted to one of the biggest budgets to control in Washington. Not because she is qualified, but because she was an early supporter of the new president. Now, she can do dumb things and magnify the damage exponentially. She can fritter away billions rather than millions. And, she can get a bomb dropped right on your head while she looks the other way.The new governor wants to right the ship, but anyone who is affected wants someone else to feel the pain. She can’t take the heat so she lines up in the big Obama soup line and gets some money to keep the former governor’s stupidly ongoing.

This is how it will work all across the country. Postpone pain. Peter pays Paul and you, the taxpayer , pay Peter back until you are as broke as Paul.  If you don’t pay Peter, there are only two other options. One, crank up the printing presses at the treasury . Go to: . This is how Peter gets paid  back, since the third option is to borrow more from the Chinese and they don’t consider us such a good investment, since we are printing so much money.Trickle down economics. Every asset you have eventually trickles down to even the playing field.When the whole country, or 98% is like Paul, we have achieved parity. We are a new third world country with only the politicians and Buffet and Gates left in the “ruling class”.

How’s Brazil looking to you? It will probably look real good to our grand kids since we are destoying the America Dream for them. Remember when Brazil had a big inflation problem? Get ready.

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