President Obama, Please Stop Campaigning And Go to Work

February/17/2009 2:59AM
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We know you spent most of your time in the senate campaigning for president. We know you spent a lot of time in the Illinois Senate campaigning. We know you like to campaign. We know you are good at campaigning. It’s got to be a bigger thrill to do it on Air Force One. It has to beat the hell out of sitting in the Oval Office and pouring over a Stimulus Package that no one has read. One that you will sign this week, with your future riding on it, and one you haven’t read either. Just sign it. Jump on the plane and head for Chicago for a long weekend then to Phoenix for what, oh, some more campaign stops. 

Delegation is a good thing. When one has a trained,experience trustworthy group to delegate work, it’s the trait of a powerful leader. Somehow it doesn’t seem you are blessed with those assets. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, trustworthy? Competent ? Credible with the American Public? How’s 12% jive with that?

When you have a problem, the whole country has a problem. You have a problem. You are addicted to campaigning. You love to make the same speech and get all that love. The same speech over and over. It’s time for a new speech. It’s time to go to work. Even Paris Hilton got overexposed. You are going to get old when we see you six times a day making pretty much the same speech. Boring.

When you made it over and over again on the real campaign we had it drummed into us. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing for you. We are keeping score on the broken promises and they are piling up at a record rate. Working across party lines, give me a break. Change. The biggest lobbyist opportunity in the history of America in your stimulus bill. Well, not really yours, but Nancy and Harry’s bill. No lobbyists in your White House. Come on, I lost count on how many of the key people in your organization have been lobbyists. Bringing the world together. No one ever said your speeches were short on ambition. The lack of respect you are getting from Russia embarrasses me. Is the world in Phoenix? In Ft. Meyers? In Elkhart? In Virginia?

I’m starting to get a scary picture. You aren’t going to honor any promise you made. Worse, you aren’t going to do any real work. You are going to campaign for your next term and let the smucks in Washington do the work and write your speeches. 

Good luck with that next term.

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