Janet Napolitano Will Let Another 9-11 Happen

February/16/2009 3:00AM
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It’s a foregone conclusion, it will happen on the watch of the new Director of Homeland Security. She went to her new job with no credentials, just like the new president. Her approach to budgeting in Arizona left her replacement, Jan Brewer, with the prospect of running out of money by May. Her approach to protecting the border in Arizona has left the state in another mess.

While here, she tried to stop sheriff Joe Arpaio from enforcing the law with illegal aliens. She couldn’t get that done, now she goes to Washington and sets 4 congressmen loose trying to stop Joe. Joe’s approval rating was always 30% higher than Napolitano’s in Arizona. Guess the voters in Arizona wanted the law enforced. The 287(g) law gives state and local agencies the authority to enforce immigration laws. Napolitano does not want the law enforced. She wrote a letter asking to have the local authority changed. She wants the authority in Washington. Four congressmen : John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, Zoe Lofgren of California, Jerrold Nadler of New York and Robert Scott of Virginia want to look into the practices of sheriff Joe. They charge he is using racial profiling. He rounds up about 200 a day and puts them in tent city until the INS comes for them. If Napolitano, and the four liberal congressmen from states that have lots of problems bigger than sheriff Joe, get their way Joe will forced to stop enforcing the law. Top priority is to make our borders less safe. If they are successful in stopping Joe they will upset 80% of the voters in Arizona. And, fewer and fewer illegals will be sent home. Admirable goals. 

How well  did Napolitano do protecting the borders in Arizona? A Douglass, Arizona rancher, Roger Barnett has been busy the past ten years doing Napolitano’s job for her. Illegals have destroyed his property, cut his water lines, killed his calves, left piles of trash and drugs behind, and broken into his home. So, Barnett has captured 12,000 of them and turned them over to INS. 

His reward, a lawsuit filed by the Mexican American Legal Defense and educational Fund(MALDEF) claims the Barnetts “have engaged in a private campaign and have conspired to hunt and detain against their will and at gunpoint, Latino migrants or presumed migrants.”

One migrant, included in the suit with 15 others, was Gerardo Gonzalez. He was convicted in 1993 for the possession for sale of a controlled substance and ordered removed to Mexico. His reentry was a felony. Still, the MALDEF groups Barnett had no reasonable grounds to believe Gonzalez had been previously convicted and it was irrelevant. The lawsuit requests each plaintiff be awarded $1 million in damages and $1 million in punitive damages. This was all on the watch of the new Director of Homeland Security. 

The rights of people who come here to destroy personal property, and may be coming to do worse, trump the illegality of their acts. This is the postion of the new Director of Homeland Security.

Sleep well tonight. Janet is on the job.

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