Accountability Absent in Government

February/23/2009 1:46AM
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It’s management 101. You can’t delegate authority without accountability. Goals must be clearly defined and the delegatee must answer to those goals. Our political system is broken and this is the fundamental reason it isn’t working. 

Except for the military, can you name one of our government, local, state and federal employees, elected or appointed,  that has to answer to any accountability? The military has to answer to families when loved ones don’t come home.  That’s big accountability. They have to answer to each other when they screw up. If the other is alive. Again, big accountability. 

Does the CEO of the United States Postal Service have to answer when the budget is broken and the price of stamps must be raised again? Does the CEO of Amtrak have to answer when a year with record ridership results in record losses?

Will Obama have to answer if the 4 million new jobs don’t come from the Stimulus Bill? No. Obfuscation is easy in government today. Most national elected officials are attorneys and if there is one thing they know it’s obfuscation. Example. If you listen to Obama and the media today Bush is responsible for the whole mess the economy has become. The media doesn’t debate that. Go to: and watch the truth. 

So Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, and Chris Dodd participate up to their ears in the mortgage mess. Are they accountable? No. They are busy grilling auto executives for their problems. How sweet it is to be in government.  

If you read any book written by any insider from government it sickens you. I just read Immigration Chaos by Neville Cramer. He makes it plain. The only accountability in the entire group is to not embarrass a superior. No phone calls for any honchos means the goals are met. Since there are no other goals, that drives it all. 

No small businessman would run a business without accountability. These people are running the business of our country with trillions involved and no accountability. Most of us can’t work in a job that has no accountibility. It has no rewards except a paycheck. Why do anything extra?

The media doesn’t fulfill a role here anymore. They only keep score for one team. The other team gets a pass. Hence, the Barney Frank pass on the mortgage mess.

The people in government today are master recyclers. They recycle your tax dollars into special interest projects and the contractors who get the work recycle a percentage of your tax dollars back into the campaign contributions for these politicians. Those contributions allow them to hold the office as long as they choose. 

Our only chance to break this cycle is term limits.  Just look at Michigan. The Sander Levin, Carl Levin, John Dingell, and John Conyers group has been there forever. What is the financial status of  the state of Michigan under their leadership? Broke. Racing with California to see which can become the first state to file bankruptcy. Will the group be reelected even if the state files bankruptcy? Sure. They have the campaign war chests to assure they will be there as long as they want to serve. Many of the things they had to do to get the money contributed to the financial ruin of the state, but that’s just politics. Right?

Wrong, it’s just wrong. Until we either get term limits or just decide to vote across party lines to put new people in office, it will go on and on. We will expand our problems and still not have accountability.

I don’t have any easy answers for how to fix this. I guess we need to clean house and then work on a long term solution. 

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Comments (2)

  1. Ervin Pietsch says:

    Our enemies are going to fix the problem for us, as they are going to bomb us and wake us all up. Another 9/11 is in the furture for us, the way we are going, and hopefully this will wake the county up. Remember how we got out of the depression, World War II. The other thing that could happen is our Sothwest states will be taken over by Mexico thugs. This is getting closer every day. Thank god for sheriff Joe.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Civil unrest is brewing too. Hopefully it will remain peaceful. The stock market votes very day on the current administration’s work. Voted net worth goes down every day. Eventually we will all be broke, including our government.


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