500,000 New Jobs Tomorrow, Zero Cost to Taxpayers

February/09/2009 3:21AM
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Let’s see, the stimulus package will create anywhere from a low of 2 million to a high of 4 million new jobs at a cost of $900 billion dollars. As a taxpayer, would you like to see 500,000 new jobs for American taxpayers? Not unskilled jobs, but highly skilled jobs, jobs that the recent group of people laid off are looking for right now. And, at no cost to you or the worn out printing presses at the fed. 

I’m guessing most of you don”t know what a HP-1 visa is. It’s approval for qualified applicants to come here and fill jobs–skilled jobs. Last year there were 144,000 issued and they were all taken in 24 hours. Gee, people out of work in the rest of the world are lined up to take these jobs. This was created by what Bill Gates and others said was a shortage of talent here to fill open positions. It is estimated there are 500,000 foreign workers here on this and similar visas. 

Well, Bill Gates and Presidant Obama, the talent shortage is over. One would guess the ex-pats are headed home with the precious visas in their hope chests. Not, so. I’ve confirmed with three people who have recently been laid off at high level jobs in finance, the Hp-1’s are still there and in one case did the laying off of a highly qualified and experienced U.S. citizen. Why? they work cheaper. So they survive the cuts. Isn’t that nice?

So, let’s just cancel all the visas tomorrow. We will put 500,000 U.S. citizens back on the payroll the next day. No cost to me. Let’s export our unemployment back across the ocean. At the same time, let’s tax outsourcing overseas. That might bring a million, or more,  jobs back home. If we want to kick start the economy these two steps would do it chop, chop. 

Too creatative? Probably. Too controversial? Probably. The right thing to do. For sure. We pay unemployment to workers and allow foreign works to take their jobs because they were needed two years ago, but no more.

All the elected officials can look at is spending money for bigger government. Why not have the big government we have get about the work of trying to undo the things they’ve done to pump up the economy. Is that too much to ask?

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