The Flaw with the Health Care Plan

January/17/2009 2:23AM
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If the powers to be want to make health care available to every American, so be it. I believe it is a worthwhile goal. I think a country that would bankroll Bank of America to buy Merrill Lynch should stop wasting our treasure on bad ideas and work on worthy causes like National Health Care. 

Here’s the rub with me. Let’s do it on a studied and logical basis. Why jump into something that is destined to fail? 

Any business person worth their salt would step back and say what do we need to make this work?

First, as I have written in two prior blog entries, we have a shortage of doctors in this country. The Federal government has cut the budget that determines the number of interns there are each year. So, the shortage is government budget driven. 

If I understand supply and demand, if millions of people who do not now have health care get free health care, there will be a huge new demand for health care. This, at the same time there is a shortage of health care providers. 

Wouldn’t it make more sense to get the health care provider shortage fixed, then turn the tap on increased demand?

This appears to be another ready, fire, aim plan from the new president. Start the ball rolling and when it doesn’t work, find someone to blame.

Washington, I can tell you right now, it won’t work. If you don’t address the head count for health care providers first, it will be total chaos. It will be Jimmy Carter’s gasoline allocation program all over again. Lines, anger, sick people dying, and no one happy. Slow it down guys and think it through.

If you got the number of health care providers problem fixed, and the tort reform so every doctor doesn’t have to work 6 months to pay the malpractice insurance, the health care problem you are tyring to fix might be 3/4 fixed. 

When that’s done, address the uninsured problem. Don’t put the cart before the horse again. You tried that with the “every American should own their own home” program. That is about to destroy our financial system. Why wreck the health care system the same way?

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