Suicide Hotline for Mainstream Media

January/30/2009 0:04AM
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It is no secret that mainstream media is in serious financial trouble. Almost all, from print to radio to TV, are bleeding red ink. In fairness, part of it is less ad revenue. Advertisers are cutting back ad budgets. Some may be selective. Marketers try to match shows to products and brands. Some might be falling out on this basis. Also, there are more options to mass media today. Computers are taking a big slice. In the news arena, anyone with a computer can get free news. That’s a problem for newspapers.

Still, a big part of the problem in news is the media liberal bias. They are still infatuated with Obama. While a big part of the viewers may be interested and involved with the new president’s work, it’s purely interest. Unlike Chris Mathews they don’t get tingles down their legs. When they sense they are being spun, they switch. 

Last night on CBS evening news Katie Couric was trashing the troops. The last bastion of pride in this country right now. Politicians and journalists can’t shine their shoes. I got up and turned it off.

There is a serious psychological illness in the media today. We watched it with George Bush for eight years. We watched it during the recent campaign. It is self-destructive since it is costing them their stripes as journalists and destroying equity for their shareholders. But, like any illness, they can’t stop. They need both an intervention and a suicide hot line. They will go out of business still pimping their liberal beliefs. For their own good, we need to offer help. 

In Phoenix, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Apraio has been the center of their hatred. It’s even stronger than the Bush hatred was in the rest of the country. During the recent campaign, all local media gave millions of dollars in support for Joe’s opponent. They did this by trashing Joe every day on every newspaper or TV show they ran. Vitriolic hatred. Unhealthy hatred. If you were in the business of selling papers or air time, would you put this ideological itch before logic tellling you that it’s hard to beat a man with an 85% approval rating. You are appealing to 15% of the market and you aren’t turning the other 85%.  All you are doing is appeasing your own needs.

It’s illogical. Most liberals support mass transit. All of us recognize the need to cut government expense. Still, when Sheriff Joe starts Con Rail, the use of the new mass transit line to transport prisoners from the jail to the airport and back, the media went wild. Joe says he was spending $25,000 a year for airport parking. This eliminates that. The prisoners come in and go out on commercial aviation, maybe on your next flight. Those of us who have flown enough have shared many a ride with a Federal Marshall and his prisoner. Personally, I would prefer to do it on a train than a plane. Local media is in a frenzy on this. Joe should not do this.

This isn’t about train rides or budgets, it’s still about liberal media hatred for Joe. He gives them no respect. They can’t dent him. They gave Joe’s opponent more help than Obama got nationally, and he still lost. They won’t quit until they are out of business.

We need to help these poor folks. This is a bad situation. They are committing suicide like erosion, a little more each day. The Arizona Republic, the big paper in Arizona will be gone in a year if nothing changes. Local TV news ratings, like national ratings, go down each year. But, these addicts, addicted to selling their ideologies rather than being journalists, can’t go on the wagon. 

We need a hot line fast.

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Comments (2)

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    Bill – you wrote <<Last night on CBS evening news Katie Couric was trashing the troops. The last bastion of pride in this country right now. Politicians and journalists can’t shine their shoes. I got up and turned it off.>>

    First of all, I have to say…. "I got up and turned it off."????? Where is your remote my friend??

    Second, and more seriously….. since you didn’t reference what the story on the CBS Evening News was about last night (other than your "trashing the troops" line….), I went to their website to see what might have been so offensive. Granted, I didn’t watch the entire broadcast (tho it is possible). I perused the stories that Katie Couric reported last night and the only one that had to do with our military was titled "Bringing the War Home". It was the story of Army Sgt. James Pitts, a soldier that had served bravely in Iraq. But he came home a disturbed man. He was increasingly abusive to his wife and ultimately killed her. In the reporting of this story, Sgt. Pitts claims that he reached out more than once to his Army superiors for help in dealing with his problems but was rebuffed time and time again. It is a tragic story, there is no doubt.

    If this is indeed the story that prompted you to get up and turn off your TV, your characterization of this story as "trashing our troops" is terribly misleading to your readers. Sgt. Pitts was portrayed sympathetically and his bravery in Iraq is never questioned. If anyone was "trashed" here, it is the military bureaucracy that failed him and his dead wife and their orphaned child.

    Patriots should always stand up to defend the people that wear our country’s uniform. When the military ignores one of their own when he cries out for help, that is wrong and should be reported. That isn’t "liberal bias"… that is good journalism.

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    Here’s why I find that offensive. Even your liberal sensitivities might kick in on this. In the gerneral population there are people who snap and kill themselves and family members. The numbers are probably greater in the genearal poplulation than in the military. Why does CBS have to search to find the one in the military and make a story of it? And, when did CBS last run a positive story on anyone in the military.


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