Stop Putting Incompetents in Public Office

January/01/2009 21:26PM
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At at time when congress is at an all time low in ratings, an outgoing president has been without respect for most of his two terms, and a governor is under indictment for trying to sell a senate seat, we need to rethink how we choose our elected officials. The system is obviously broken.

Two vacant senate seats are to be chosen by the governors of the two states they represent. Why? Shouldn’t the voters choose?

In New York, the crown princess, Ms. Caroline Kennedy, a lady who never had a job, rarely voted, and has shown in a short time that she is totally incompetent is the front runner. In an interview with the New York Times, she said “you know” more than 200 times including 11 times in a 49 second clip. So, she’s really a Valley Girl, not a legend. The New York Times could not even hide this mess. But, they will probably still endorse her. Why? This is what made Sarah so endearing to so many people. She wasn’t part of the old boy old girl network. She wasn’t in with the one’s who count. Whatever she did prior to the nomination, she earned. It wasn’t given to her.

In Illinois, the resident arrogant idiot governor, “Hair Ball” named Roland Burris as the replacement for Obama. Roland is an empty suit who happens to be the right color. If his selection of Burris is opposed, as it has been, the so-to-be convict, Blagojevich, will play the race card. Blagojevich came from the system. His father-in-law is Dick Mell a Chicago long-time Alderman, one of the few not in jail.

So, we may send an empty suit and an empty dress to the Senate.

We, as voters, have to rebel. We have to demand better candidates. We have to stop the legacy program. We have to do it soon. There’s too much at stake in this economic climate to send the incompetent to do battle for us. 

Ignore the media. Write your elected officials and tell them you’ve had enough. You want new fresh candidates who have the “right stuff”, not the right heritage, to govern. You might want to mention term limits while you are writing. Also, that you will no longer vote for any incumbent until you are convinced the system is fixed. 

I did and I won’t. How can anyone in their right mind think Caroline Kennedy is a candidate for the senate?If you do, tune in to her next interview–if there is one. 

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