Solution to Guantanamo Bay

January/14/2009 4:40AM
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President-elect Obama will issue his first executive order on January 20. Close Guantanamo Bay. Of course, there is no plan to make that happen. As a concerned citizen, I have a plan that is win, win for all concerned. 

Why does Obama want to close Gitmo and move the 250 Al-Qaida and Taliban suspects and potential witnesses elsewhere? Simple, progressive liberals want to treat these POW’s like Bernard Madoff, who no judge can send to jail despite all the damage he has done to hundreds of people and many fine charities. Because they want to make sure the tenets of the ACLU are followed in all instances.

What part of America best exemplifies this progressive thinking? You got it, San Francisco. The City by the Bay that hung out the welcome sign for illegal aliens until one killed three members of a fine family on a wedding day. What city is best qualified to look after the nice people in Gitmo and make sure they have all the creature comforts and the best possible legal representation? San Francisco, naturally. This city will coddle these people like no other city would. New York is pretty progressive but many people there still have memories of 9-11 and might not be as hospitable as S.F. 

So, here’s the plan. Alcatraz is a National Park. You can go out there and visit and see the cell where the infamous bird man spent most of his life. President Obama, you don’t need any approvals to move these 250 nice people there.  Keep the visitation rites so the tourists and citizens of S.F. can come on a regular basis and check on their well being. It would be like a special National Zoo, but with terrorists instead of poor animals that don’t deserve to be caged. People can get up- close looks at real terrorists and get to know them on a personal basis. 

If one or more should happen to break out, which supposedly never happened in all the years Alcatraz operated as a federal prison, they would be in a place where they can find support for their beliefs and maybe go right back in business again. 

See how this is a win, win. The rest of America would like to have these people in San Francisco. Much of America feels no place in this country deserves them more. The people of San Francisco should not complain since they have been the most outspoken to close Gitmo. The terrorists themselves should be happier, since local  people will so  much more hospitable and understanding than the guards at Gitmo have been. It’s always nice to have visitors who support your cause. Travel to Alcatraz should pick up and the revenue will be good for the trillion dollar deficits that are end-to-end as far as the eye can see in the future.

I don’t want to be considered for any medal or special recognition for solving this thorny problem for you. I just ask one thing. Before you make a big promise like closing Gitmo without thinking it through, please drop me a note. I might suggest you do the planning, then make the announcement. 

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