New Energy/Environmental Czar is Really a Czaress

January/26/2009 3:12AM
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New leaders who have never run anything always make the same mistake. They pick their key people for all the wrong reasons. Obama is demonstrating that. One pick is being investigated, another didn’t pay his taxes. One is gone, but the other is going to make it, but there will always be a cloud. Obama should make the cloud go away right now rather than let the public believe there is only one person in this country who can help him fix the economy. And asking us to overlook his tax problems for that reason. 

One, who doesn’t have to answer senate questions, is the one I worry about. Carol Browner is a commissioner in an organization known as Socialist International. This was founded in 1951 believing that capitalism cannot satisfy the needs of the people. The organization blamed capitalism for Fascism and Nazism saying they should have stopped them. It favors the nationalization of business and industy. I’m surprised Hank Paulson isn’t a commissioner.

Browner is the Czar of energy/environment. Didn’t the socialists overthrow a czar years ago? I remember her as the worst administrator of the EPA we have ever had. Her big project was IM240, a vehicle emission test. It was put in areas that were deemed not in compliance. Billions were spent. In 2002 the EPA admitted that there is no difference in vehicle emissions in IM 240 test areas vs. non IM 240 test areas. The New York Times, of all publications, ran a story that the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation declared their $590 billion program to be a “mammoth boondoggle.” Most states have opted out of the program.

You will learn Ms. Browner’s name sooner rather than later. This lady wants massive change in how utility companies operate. I won’t bore you with the details, but the essence is she wants less produced. She believes that will force down demand. Someone, addressing a similar issue, said that’s like mandating one dress size to eliminate obesity.

So, we know what the future is for energy in this country. Change means a socialist running our energy programs, one who has flawed judgment, and is far to zealous about how much help you need from the government to get back to the iron age. Live in a cave with a candle, not fire.

We marketers know perception is reality. Soap opera commercials sell sex. Beer commercials sell fun. Obama said he would create change. He never said what change was. That allowed voters to transfer their idea of the change they wanted to his promise of change. 

Carol Browner’s version of change is economic pain and making American her image of what it should be. Maybe you should stand by and be ready to let Browner and Obama know you ain’t buying it, before you get it.    

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