Illinois, State of Crooks and Fools

January/12/2009 18:24PM
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How did anyone from the state of Illinois get elected president? The last governor is in jail and this one is headed there. The mayor of Chicago runs the state. The senator who isn’t going to be president, Dick Durbin, is working hard to be the worst senator in the history of America. He tried to get Bush to commute the prior governor’s prison sentence just days before the current governor was arrested. Is that coindidence, or is the governor in prison going to tell us something we don’t know about the ethics of Durbin? Or, is it just pure stupidity? Based on his track record, I favor the latter. 

He is now introducing a bill, with support from Dodd and Schumer, that would change the personal bankruptcy laws. Today, a judge does not force the lending institution who holds a mortgage to renegotiate the mortgage for one who is filing personal bankruptcy. Durbin wants to change that.

Just think about this. The boys who love entitlements forced the banks, with the help of Fannie and Freddie, to grant mortgages to people who didn’t qualify. This, along with $4 gasoline, blew up the economy. Maybe for a long, long time. The problem had Dodd and Schumer’s fingerprints all over it. They look around and say” who is the dumbest senator in the senate?” Soon it will be Roland Burris, also from Illinois,  but for now it has to be Dick Durbin. Let’s get Dick to sponsor this toxic bill. 

What will this do, long term? Well, the judges will force the banks who made the mortgage loans to lose money after the fact. They will have to write down principal, interest, and time. How will they recover these losses? With the next dumb slob who walks through the door seeking a mortgage. Loans will get harder to get and more expensive. Isn’t  this what we just spent $350 billion to fix? Sure ’nuff. 

Politicians like Dick Durbin just don’t get it. How did Obama walk through all this corruption and stupidity in Illinois and come out the other side with nothing on his shoes and all the brilliance that no one since Lincoln possessed? We better hope and pray it’s true. This country is in a place where we can’t afford a Dick Durbin in the Senate, and we sure can’t afford a Durbin or a Blagojevich in the oval office. 

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