Who’s Worse–Bernard Madoff or Al Gore?

December/27/2008 23:24PM
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Madoff swindled lots of rich and moderately rich people out of $50 billion dollars. Lot’s of charities will go without, since they had money invested with Madoff. If you are one of the unlucky investors in his Ponzi scheme, you are going to suffer some degree of loss. 

Al Gore, on the other hand, has his Ponzi scheme set up to take advantage of every American. Rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. He wants everyone to pay through the nose. Interestingly, he has probably made most of what he will get from the scheme already. His net worth is up $100 million from his work on global warming. This is an inverse Ponzi scheme. With a true Ponzi, the initial investors get paid by the new investors. With Al’s deal, he gets paid up front, and you and I will pay through the nose for as long as it takes until it is exposed and we get relief. Maybe that will come sooner rather than later. It would have been much cheaper to give Al the Nobel Prize, the Oscar, and a check from the taxpayers for $100 million and ask him to shut up and go away. 

Am I skeptical. You bet. Let’s just take a couple of green ideas that have come from the same rocks that Gore crawls out from. Most recently, CFL light bulbs. When landfills around this country are putting out more mercury and lead than we had during the industrial revolution, whose fault will that be? When you break the first one in your house and you call someone to find out what to do, you might be like the lady in Maine who was told it would cost $2,000 to decontaminate her house. When you get to pay the 35 cents to recycle each bulb, you will ask more questions about the true value of this idea that, yes, Al Gore first touted. He put them in his place in Tennessee and it cut his carbon footprint to the average of 1,000 typical Americans. 

Before this big idea, we had aromatics in gasoline. The government required changes that could only be made with ethanol. The idea was to pimp ethanol which the government, state and Federal, has done  for 25 years. But, there wasn’t enough ethanol  to do the job, so MTBE was used to augment the lack of ethanol. But, when it became widely known that MTBE has a 99 year life in the water table, it was strongly discouraged as a substitute for ethanol. By then, there were ample supplies of ethanol supported by your tax dollars. Of course, ethanol has a negative energy benefit when all the btu’s are added up to produce the gallon of ethanol. Get the idea? Every idea coming out of the public arena is based on some-one’s personal benefit. That’ why every public servant becomes a lobbyist. But, none can compare to Big Al Gore.

Big Al has sold the mother of all deals. Carbon tax to stop global warming.

You can buy Al’s idea, but remember almost everyone who was invested in Madoff is also a big believer in Global Warming. My vote goes to Al for the most creative ripoff. Why stop with a few hundred when you can sell a bit of snake oil to the whole population of the United States of America. Scientific statistics show it has cooled on average the past few years, but not to worry. He has the media in his pocket too. You will not need to know too much about that. He has the teachers and professors in his pocket too so your kids will buy the deal as well. 

Soon, I will be the only dumb ass in America who thinks Al Gore is Bernard Madoff on crack. 

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