We Have No Chance for Energy Independence

December/29/2008 1:22AM
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Until we declare energy a National Emergency, and it well should be, we have absolutely zero chance to make progress to reduce foreign dependency. As states, county, and local governments place restrictions on all forms of energy, in most cases they will put everything off limits. Even subdivisions with their CC&Rs get into the act to stop solar and wind. 

De Kalb County Illinois was making real progress on wind. As you drive around the country you will see more new wind power than most counties in Illinois or elsewhere in the Midwest. The County Commission has put a stop to new windmills. They are too noisy and kill too many birds. 

The state of Colorado has just passed the most far reaching drilling restrictions in the country. The new rules take place in the spring. One provision requires companies extracting natural gas from certain coal seams to treat the water pits so as not to attract mosquitoes that could transmit West Nile virus to pregnant sage grouse.

In Colorado drilling applications are up to 7,600 this year from only 1,000 in 1999. The sector supports 70,000 jobs with average salaries topping $60,000 a year.

The new regulations require 65 days to secure a drilling permit vs. a week in other states. The solution, you can guess, hire more government workers to expedite the new regulations. 

It is likely the industry will restrict drilling in Colorado a key are for natural gas supply to the rest of the country.

And so it goes. Doing nothing remains the energy policy for the United States just as it has been for 30 years. Whey all the dreamers, do gooders, and fanatics freeze your ever loving ass off, you will finally get it. You can’t run a country on cattle flatulence. Oh, that, congress wants to put a tax on cattle flatulence, since it emits more carbon into the atmosphere than cars.  I had an uncle once who they should have put a flatulence tax on.

It just won’t work. If every one gets to kick the tires on every energy project, we will just keep running in place. 

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