Let’s Have a Bailout for the New York Times

December/29/2008 4:38AM
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It’s oh, so, sad. The New York Times, flagship newspaper for the left wing, is going broke. They owe $400 million and are trying to mortgage their building. Their other papers are losing money. Come on Washington, let’s pass the hat. Many of you owe your jobs to the Times. Who will pimp for the liberals if the Times doesn’t? This is serious. We taxpayers should be asked to help, just like we do with everyone else who screws up.

There were enough liberals to get Obama elected, but not enough to keep a newspaper afloat. Perhaps, the newspaper should have been more balanced. Perhaps the paper should have put business above ideology. Perhaps the board of directors should be replaced with people who don’t want to use the newspaper to espouse a political position. People who have a responsibility to shareholders. Why is this different from the car companies? Both ignored the market, both had weak boards of directors, both saw it coming for years and did nothing. 

How many more media giants will fall by the wayside before they understand a large part of the public doesn’t want to be spun? Three networks for sure. Their nightly news shares can’t get any worse.

It’s working folks. We are putting them out of business by not buying their products. Most companies adjust to the market. There nerds can’t. Everyone who works there is of the same political bent. There is no diversity of opinion. Hence, they don’t see the piano falling on their heads. 

If those of us who don’t agree with the New York Times, CBS, CSNBC, and the liberal media purveyors just shut them out, then they all compete for half of the market. The market they tailor their product to please.  Not big enough to support them. Sorry, no bail outs. 

Just fire everyone and start all over. You might even produce a product that will sell. 

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