Greece Fire

December/14/2008 22:35PM
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The youth in Greece are taking to the streets. They say they’ve had enough. Seeing young people in the streets is old news, what’s their beef?

Press reports say they feel no reform is occurring, there is a weak government, the economy is one of the poorest in Europe, and they have few prospects for jobs. 

We parents and grandparents better get up and get mad or our kids and grand kids here will be doing it for us soon.

Why would they take to the streets? Let’s see, what’s different here than in Greece? Time and degree. All the problems there exist here but they have been there longer. All the problems here that match theirs have been fairly recent. So run the clock and turn up the heat and we are there. 

We grandparents and our kids might just sit by and let the grand kids do it for us, after all it’s our mess, let them clean it up. Isn’t that what they did as kids, made messes and let us clean it up, it’s just their turn. Take another look at Greece and see the outcome. One youth has been killed, 100 injured, buildings burned, university buildings occupied, an airport closed and hundreds arrested. Do we want that here?

Right now we are patiently waiting for the Messiah to get to the throne and implement change. The same Messiah who came out of the Chicago political machine. The one who had little until he challenged the petitions of an opponent and had her candidacy thrown out. Suddenly as a state senator his wife started to get good jobs. Then the Republican candidate who was running against him for the Senate of the US has a scandal uncovered and had to resign. How convenient. Running unopposed twice. Then we make a speech at the Democratic Convention, sell books, make millions. But, like Blagojevich, it’s never enough.

Maybe you want his brand of change, but almost half of America, me included, see him bringing Michigan to America. Jennifer Granholm, the governor of Michigan, was one if the economic advisers who met with him after the election. 

The Messiah is not going to fix the mess we are in he’s going to make it worse. That’s presumes he doesn’t get caught up in the Blagojevich scandal and we have Biden trying to fix it.

This is not our grand kids mess, it’s ours. Apathy kills most civilizations and it is about to kill ours.

When it’s time to take to the streets, it’s too late. But, that time is not far away.

About everything government touches is broken here. They have been selling the country, selling out the principles of democracy and the pay to play in Chicago is everywhere. We have dolts in elected office. Both parties. 

Better get fired up or we will have Greece fires here soon.

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