Feed the Pigs and Starve the Little Guy

December/04/2008 23:52PM
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As the Democratic Party finds new ways to assure the Joe Six Packs of American that they are the party that looks after them, party members develop new alliances that will put the screws to old Joe without Joe knowing who did it to him. The hotbed of new ideas, no surprise, is right here in Chicago. 

The irony of it is the Republicans are too stupid to notice. George W Bush started the concept that a Republican is like a boxer in a corner with the gloves up taking punches and never throwing any. When you trip over your tongue every time you open your mouth, it’s hard to throw a verbal jab. 

Every now and then Newt or Huckabee throw a punch, but who sees it? If you aren’t watching Fox, it goes unnoticed.

Look at the unholy alliances the Democrats have that conflict with Joe Six Pack. First, the environmentalists who want to end all blue collar jobs in America by ending all manufacturing here. Then, they want to raise Joe’s energy costs to the point where he can’t pay his bills. Next, it’s the unions. They will get card check. More places unionized. Like the Big Three. That’s working out real well. Washington is so thrilled that GM  will only close half their plants, instead of all, because this keep the UAW from having to make any significant concessions to the problem they made. Then there is the dealerships where Joe might be a  mechanic. Over 1,200 of them will be gone. Want to see where and how cars will be made in the future go to: http://info.detnews.com/video/index.cfm?id=1189.

Now comes Mayor Richard Daley. He’s got a plan. Sell all the parking meters in Chicago to an outside private corporation for a billion plus. This allows old Richard to keep all the city employees on the payroll. Most don’t do anything until it’s election time when they guarantee Richie will be be re elected, but that’s key isn’t it? How does Joe Six Pack get it in the neck? Who parks at meters in Chicago? Joe. The new owner plans to take the hourly rate from a quarter to two dollars in no time.

Isn’t this a lot like stealing our social security for today’s fiscal needs? Sell a source of revenue today so you don’t have to cut expenses or fire deadbeat workers, but force a tax increase down the road when both the cash you got and the revenue source is gone. Let someone else deal with the mess when taxpayers can’t afford to park in Chicago. Then boot the cars when they get a parking ticket and bring in some more revenue from old Joe.

Joe, give me a soapbox and I can explain to you why your friends in the Democratic Party aren’t your friends anymore. FDR supposedly saved my parents from starving and they were forever grateful to him and the Democratic Party. Misplaced loyalty can only go so far.  

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