The Public is Wiser than the People We Hire

November/24/2008 2:00AM
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A big concern in Washington is the lack of consumer spending. Everyone wants to fix that. Get the public to start spending again. Washington is going to spend over one trillion of our dollars to get us spending again.

Why have we stopped spending? Our house is worth half what it was three years ago. Our 401K/IRA is worth half of what it was 14 months ago. Unemployment is up, stock market is down. More people are being laid off every day. We, as a people are not stupid, we get it.

Big news this week, the Mars Lander died. Last word triumph. Wow, for only a few billion of your tax dollars you get to enjoy this exciting news. If it was your home or business, would you still be supporting NASA?Hell no. It’s like the Christmas gifts your kids won’t be getting this year.

American taxpayers have cut back on cars, travel, dining out, vacations, gifts, clothes, electronics, etc. American government has stepped up the spending. No local, state, or federal spending has been cut whatsoever. Every day some political hack tells you we can only get out of this hole by spending more.

One of the worst run companies in American needs your help. Tonight on Sixty Minutes, President elect Obama says we just can’t possibly let GM go chapter 11. Why? Unlike the airlines, he says the tap might run dry. He says no one would loan them money. I see, only I should loan them money since no sane lending institution would. Makes sense to me, or does it? Does the $400 million dollar campaign contribution from the AFL have anything to do with that logic? It’s fun to watch this deal. Pelosi wants to push it through on Bush’s signature. Why? Even Nancy knows its bad business. If Bush signs it the Democrats can blame him in 2009 when GM files bankruptcy after another $50 billion was given to them. 

If I understand the economics of the times, if the public knows we are in choppy water and stops spending and starts saving, the government must make up that deficit to keep the economy afloat.

My position is this. It’s OK with me it the government wants to spend one trillion dollars to prime the pump and get the economy back on it’s feet. Just cut one trillion from the Federal budget. Let’s let some government workers who don’t even bother to go to work many days hit the unemployment line. Let’s stop all foreign aid. When you see the economy go south do you give money to your deadbeat neighbor who hates your ass? Hell no, get a gun and keep him out of your yard. Send the UN packing. Stop the construction on the new UN building. 

President Obama, I expect you and congress to behave like those “hard working”Americans as you call us and cut the costs. Tell New York City to do it now before they come to you with their hand out. Tell California to do the same, no help from you. You want to help people keep their homes, fine, fire a few hundred thousand government drones. The post office lost money again last year, sell it. Amtrak lost money last year, sell it. Take all the perks from congress. Cut their pay. Cut your pay.

We hired you folks to do our bidding and keep the services of government running. We expect you to behave like the public and private businesses do. When things get tough you have to sacrifice, so try it. 

While all of us have sacrificed this year, I have yet to hear one example of public sacrifice. Get with the program Washington, the local courthouse, 50 statehouses. Get out the machetes and start slashing.

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Comments (2)

  1. George Howison says:

    Bill- I don’t disagree but I would point out that a Trillion Dollar Stimulus package should include an immediate across the board tax cut. If you want people to start spending again with confidence, let them keep more of their own money. Nothing would have as immediate an effect as seeing more on the pay stub every two weeks. Also, if you want to help the automakers, suspend the CAFE rules and offer tax rebates to all consumers who purchase a car or truck in the next eighteen months. Less than a trillion of cost and lots of economic stimulus. Oh, wait, that wouldn’t go well with the enviros, the unions, etc. How silly to think of something that is just plain good for the country but that doesn’t help the special interest groups.
    One final thought – it’s hard to get sales proceeds from money-losing enterprises such as Amtrak and the Post Office. Just shut them down and I guarantee there will be a bunch of for-profit businesses springing up to take their place.
    My best to you and yours for the holidays,
    ps-Gary is getting tougher, be sure to bring your A game in January. geh.

  2. bill robertson says:

    George: Great comments. I will bring the A game, I’ve been cheating on him with a young trainer fresh out of U of Illinois and he’s killing me. See you in January.

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