Saving the Republican Party

November/11/2008 1:47AM
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If the Democrats fix the economy the Republican Party is sunk. Forget it for the next 12 years. If the economy gets worse, which it looks like it may, there is a glimmer of hope. Grasping that thread may be more than the party can do.

The Dems have given the GOP a doorway the size of France. But, the visionaries, like McCain, are too myopic and stubborn to see it. To see it requires a lot of knowledge in the area of energy. Most GOP’s could not pass Energy 101. Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal are two exceptions. Both get it pretty well since they are governors in energy states.

The Dems allegiance to rabid environmentalists  is incompatible with the Democratic base of poor minorities and working people. Overcompensating to save the planet from carbon will cost dearly for basic energy here at home. The people who can least afford those staggering cost increases are the backbone of the Democratic party How hard is it to drive that point home?

To do that the GOP must become the party of domestic energy. You can’t be like John McCain and support offshore drilling, under duress, not support drilling in Alaska, and strongly support cap and trade. You have to tie energy to jobs. Not government jobs to waste taxpayer dollars like Obama’s energy plan, but jobs at GM, Ford, American Airlines, and new manufacturing that won’t happen because we either don’t have the energy or we’ve made it too expensive. The Dems can’t walk away from the environmentalists now, but they should not be able to tell the party base that Big Oil or the GOP is causing the energy problem. The GOP must have people who can explain the facts and do it clearly. 

While they are at it, they can also show the effects of card check on U.S. manufacturing and any other businesses that will be victimized by the new Obama labor program which is debt payment for the $400 million labor gave to the Obama campaign. 

So, the party needs leaders with style like Obama who can speak and do so effectively. No more George W. Bush or John McCain blundering and stuttering, but articulate orators. They need people who understand the issues like energy and can debate the issues, McCain didn’t have a clue about energy. 

If they don’t capitalize on this opportunity, and the Dems don’t fix the economy, Obama will be replaced by Hillary and the Republican party might as well re-brand to the Whig party.

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Comments (2)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    Keep your eyes and ears open for what Newt may be planning for getting the RNC reorganized and back in power. I received a survey call last night and the person I spoke to said that Newt is putting together a 10 point plan, in order to get the RNC to adopt his plan as their platform.

    Newt was single handedly responsible for getting the Drill Here, Drill Know, Pay Less campaign moving forward and is now looking to do something similar in getting the Republican Party re-energized and organized so they can begin taking back the congressional seats they have lost in the last two elections.

    We first need to elect Newt as our new RNC leader and I think Newt would be the best person to do what needs to be done. I actually think he could run for president and win, but think his talent could best be served first to get the RNC organized and focused on the issues and the Republican Party platform that clearly defines what this party is all about.

    The election is over, but Newt is working behind the seen and will give this party the focus it needs.

    Newt for DNC Chairman. Go Newt, Go…..

  2. bill robertson says:

    Newt did it once, maybe he can do it again. I’m for wiping the slate clean. Get rid of all the old retreads and relatives of former GOP politicians. Bobby Jindal is the brightest and best right now. He get’s it. He can probably find someone better than Newt for the RNC job.Obama did. Newt was worse than Nancy Pelosi in his day and gave our boy Hastert his big break so he could loot the folks back home. Newt has a real talent to make people mad and hog headlines. I admire what Newt has done, but always feel it’s for Newt.

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