Rules to be a Card Carrying Liberal

November/15/2008 21:19PM
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1. Detroit is failing due to a lack of Federal Funding (the city and the car business)

2. Labor Unions are very good for American business. Without them, we would still have sweat shops with children under 10 working there. 

3. The best law firm in America is the ACLU

4. America can operate with zero energy

5. San Francisco is the model  for America

6. The government can do everything better than most people, except me, can do for themselves

7. Bad teachers should still teach

8. Being a liberal makes me urbane, almost European, how cool

9. Most criminals are arrested without cause or due process, except for the guy who mugged me last year That guy should get the chair. 

10. Corporations are bad for America, except for the one I work for. 

11. Global warming is the number one issue today. No efforts should be made to produce energy. Drilling is bad–offshore or onshore, nuclear is worse, solar is OK, but no where near my house and zero power lines from the source, wind is noisy and kills birds, coal is the pits, shale destroys the earth and uses water, Pipelines leak, and hydro destroys the pristine waters. My friends at the Sierra Club are cool. 

12. Gay marriage should be legal

13. No wars should be fought for any reason

14. Gitmo should be closed and those people set free

15. We should have open borders. All illegals here should be given instant citizenship

16. We need more government regulation in every area. I am president of my homeowners association and I make sure the CC&R’s are enforced to the letter. It makes me feel like the president of my neighborhood

17. Anyone not liberal is a rural, ignorant, blue collar redneck. Gun toting and an unfit neighbor or dinner companion. Even worse, they are religious.

18. We should not manufacture anything here in this country. We should be a financial, hi-tech, and service country.

19. If we make rich people less rich, we can make all poor people not poor

20. My ideology makes me more like my college professors, my Hollywood idols, and those people in the media I respect. It’s the people who I respect for their intellectual brilliance.

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Comments (3)

  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I guess your card is in the mail and you should recieve it soon. Funny stuff Bill..

  2. Bill Robertson says:

    I had a card sent to you Ken. Use it wisely.


  3. Chris Johnson says:

    Stereotyping is so 90s!

    I am a card-carrying liberal…. and I offer this rebuttal.

    1. Detroit is failing because their management is terrible and they are late to the game in preparing for the diversification of energy generation that we must accomplish as an urgent, national security issue.

    2. Labor unions do lots of good things. They are the reason sweatshops with children under 10 working in them no longer exist in the US. Management of labor unions are no more perfect than the management that they bargain with. In any bailout of the auto industry, I would favor ouster of the management of the industry AND of their unions.

    3. The ACLU stands up for our personal freedoms when no one else will. They are to be applauded. Are they perfect? No. See #2 above.

    4. Come on. American’s know that we can not continue to simply import or drill our way out of the mess we are in. It is "all hands on deck" for more domestic energy production and insuring that the appropriate distribution networks exist. Importing, and relying on, foriegn oil is a national security challenge that is a perfectly legitimate function of the national government.

    5. I LOVE San Francisco! What a great city!

    6. No. Don’t be silly.

    7. My Dad was a high school math teacher… and a damn good one. We need to find new ways to incent people to teach and to make sure they have the resources to get the job done. There should certainly be reasonable ways to get rid of teachers that suck. I think it’s important to remember that unions negotiate with management… there are two sides to the table. The best agreements are ones where neither side comes away happy.

    8. Not my goal.

    9. I don’t believe that at all.

    10. I don’t work for a corporation. They are soul-less, but not bad.

    11. I believe that global warming is a real threat that requires real effort. Our government today probably believes that it is only about 1% likely (probably less than that, actually) that Iran will attempt to attack us with long-range nuclear missles if/when they acquire them. Yet we are still prepared to spend billions on our military defense to that threat. Why should we not be prepared to spend billions to mitigate a possible economic calamity due to global warming that science deems much more likely than that?

    12. Yes, it should.

    13. Just wars are the last resort that must be reserved. Iraq is not a just war. Afgahnistan is.

    14. Gitmo should be closed and those there should be dealt with according to their individual guilt or innocence as determined by a more fair method than that which is currenlty in place. There are well established policies and procedures in place that govern the detention of prisoners of war. Just follow ’em and get on with it!

    15. No. National security requires that we should have tighter borders, designed around protecting us from harm (i.e. terrorist infiltration). Our immigration policies should recognize that we are not going to deport 12 million people so some path to legalization must be developed. Instant citizenship? No.

    16. No. But, we clearly need some oversight over industries that we continue to have to bail out again and again, like the financial services industry.

    17. Bill…. you are a fine dinner companion!! And I work at my church, ministering to 8 to 12 year olds.

    18. I don’t think we can rely on the financial service industry, since we continue to have to bail them out every few years.

    19. In a time of national emergency (we are in the midst of 2 wars, the biggest financial crisis of my generation and a crushing amount of debt we are leaving to my child and your grandchildren so don’t argue that we don’t find ourselves in the midst of a national emergency), asking some of the most well rewarded among us to step up seems most appropriate. We are all awed by the accountability and the sacrafice of our military and their families. How about those of us that have been rewarded the most by the freedoms they defend stepping up?

    20. I have no recollection of the political ideology of my college professors and I doubt the friends we share do either. We grew up in much the same way and have largely been influenced by the same things. Our parents, our education and our intellectual curiosity.

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