Next Up for Government–Destroy the Utilities

November/03/2008 23:57PM
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The Democrats fear Bush will make a last minute decision to put in a last minute reform called NSR or New Source Review which will requires power plants to install state-of-the-art pollution controls when they expand their generation capacity, thus increasing smog-or-soot-forming emissions. This does not go far enough to suit Barbara Boxer and Tom Carper. Henry Waxman is totally distraught.

The Democrats want all the old coal fired plants closed down and no new ones built. Obama is on record saying he will put in place the most aggessive cap and trade program anywhere. This includes Europe, which is considering removing theirs, since their economy won’t take it. 

At the same time utilities announced that utility shutoffs are at an all time high and climbing. 

Once again we have a conflict between the people the Dems say they support and who they really support. The rabid environmentalists win again and the same poor working guy loses.

Just like the Fannie and Freddie fiasco destroyed the banking and investment industries, the new Democratic EPA requirements will destroy the utility industry. We will have black outs and double utility bills and regulators will not let the utilities raise rates to reflect the EPA requirements put on them by the Dems.

You will see the people who created the problem holding hearings with the utilities and blaming them for not creating cheap electricity from thin air. 

The blue collar Americans who will not be able to pay the utility bills will not know who did this to them.

The real facts will never surface. 

Don’t buy any utility stocks. They are the next industry to fall victum to our government’s stupidity. 

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