Events that Won’t Happen in 2009

November/02/2008 22:09PM
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Regardless of promises made, these are some things that won’t happen in 2009.

People who should not have been given mortgages will not keep their houses regardless of the efforts that are made to help them. You can give them the house and they won’t be able to pay the taxes.

Jobless numbers will not go down. It’s just not possible. With all the businesses in trouble, the lack of sales projected for the holidays, and the unwinding of the the credit mess, the unemployment numbers will go up. 

More than half of the campaign promises made by both candidates will not be kept. There was never an intention to keep them. It’s just part of the say whatever it takes to get elected game. Zero accountability for anything in government.

Zero progress will be made on energy independence. No progress will be made because the crude price has gone back down and the T. Boone Pickens $600 billion problem has gone away. It will be back and worse next time, but there are always lots of people to blame. By the way, did all those blamed this time suddenly just begin to behave. Big oil, speculators, etc. Environmentalists have this country by the throat and won’t let go until they have choked the life out of us.

The GDP will not be positive. We are too dependent on finance and finance is not going to recover here. We will put in place regulations that will move it to other places.

Two wars will be ongoing at the end of the year. Hopefully, it will only be two.

Obama’s honeymoon with the media will not last until the end of 2009. Lot’s of things that we needed to know before the election will become public, like the illegal auntie. Blaming Bush as things get progressively worse won’t work for the whole year. We will be overexposed to President Obama and too much of any celebrity is too much, even Paris Hilton.

States and cities will be strapped and looking for help from Washington. With fewer people working and paying taxes, less dividend tax, less sales tax, less corporate tax, and lower assessment kicking in on houses, you will be threatened with loss of police and fire and at school dropping athletics. So all taxes will go up, since it is not possible to cut expenses in government. This will lose more jobs and the downward cycle will go on.

At the same time inflation will go up dramatically. Printing money and doubling the minimum wage will ignite the fire. Jimmy Carter’s 20% interest rate will be back. 

Peace at home will be an issue. Enough will be enough. Civil unrest will take center stage. Detroit may be where it starts. It has before.

The stock market will not recover. The Dow will end the year at 6,000 at best.

Charities will suffer.

Retirements will be postponed. Adult kids will move back home with families. 

Sorry for the doom and gloom, but it’s time for reality. Reality is, we have made bad choices for years. The bills are coming due, and there is no escape. We’ve been there before, but not in our lifetimes. 

We have become fat and soft and we will need to get back in shape. Too many luxuries and too much easy money. It will be back to working hard to make it work.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    I sure hope you didn’t have any aspirations of being a motivational speaker, because being Doctor Doom and Gloom, has obviously not convinced those Obama followers.

    Being forthright and truthful has obviously not worked, because Obama is on the verge of making history, despite all of our efforts. He has motivated the masses of those who are looking for a hand out to believe “Yes We Can”. People are obviously looking for false hopes and positive thoughts to get us through the next four years, because we are certainly going to need it if Obama is elected and tries to enact all of his campaign promises.

    Obama will go down in history as being our Greatest Presidential Scam Artist Orator and Prompter Speech Reader and one who has convinced the Mindless to believe what he has promised them that he’ll lead them to the promise land.

    Unfortunately, he and the Liberal Media are not leading us into the promise land, their leading us to Never, Never Land and there isn’t anything else we can do about it now. We have done what ever we could, but now it’s up to the voters and will have to wait to see if the Mindless voted for the Promise Land and all the Change they are sure to get.

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