Beverly Hills Comes to Detroit

November/29/2008 0:00AM
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Remember when the Clampetts went to Beverly Hills? Now we have Beverley Hills coming to Detroit. It’s hard to feel bad for the U.S. auto industry, they have been poorly run for so long. But, no one deserves what they are about to get. Henry Waxman, congressman from Beverly Hills. Old Henry is going to grease the slide so the Big Three go down the skids faster.

This is a clarion call to the stupidity that infests our government and our country today. I guess if you breath that smog so long and have so much money you become truly addled.

The Democratic congress voted to replace John Dingell from Michigan with Henry Waxman on the Energy and Commerce Committee. Why? Dingell was going too slowly on global warming. Why was Dingell going too slowly? He knew the carnage that could hit the country on two fronts if we went too fast. Both would be a double barrelled assault on a sick auto industry.

First, all promises to increase any U.S. fossil fuels development will be dropped. Eight five percent of the public want more. Doesn’t matter, 130 Democratic congressmen want none. This will put pressure down the road as gasoline get scarce and prices go up. Nearly every adult in America owns a car. Four of one hundred do in China. Even less in India. They are going to get cars and they are going to get our oil we buy elsewhere.

Next, Waxman is going to put fuel standards on the Detroit they can’t meet and don’t have the capital to achieve. It will be Detroit’s fault, not Washington’s.

Say goodbye to lots and lots of manufacturing in America. Say goodbye to recovery from this recession. Say goodbye to national security. We won’t be able to build the tanks and other defense materials we need to defend ourselves. 

Say hello to LaLa Land in the midwest. Maybe we can make good movies and put Hollywood out of business. 

All this would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Be careful what you wish for, as they say.

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