Trust Will Determine the Election

October/19/2008 1:34AM
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When it gets right down to it, trust will decide who will be our next president. McCain must carry the Bush presidency on his back. It’s a big, big burden. He may not be the man for the job.

Sometimes when you are as eloquent as Senator Obama , you do get people’s trust. Most people in this country want someone who can stand up and speak and not embarrass us like President Bush has done. But, too smooth is still too slick. Senator Obama can shed sticky material better than anyone I have seen in my lifetime. He does not always rely on truth to do that. For example, he refutes his connections to William Ayers with a quick and easy dismissal. Always mentioning President Reagan’s ambassador Annenberg as the money man. He doesn’t accept any responsibility for the surge working. Nice language every time. Refused to be indignant about the reference to McCain being a George Wallace. Dances around that.

If McCain has any chance whatsoever to win this is will get down to the trust issue. Personally, I do not trust Obama. I believe he wants our country to go down the road of rampant socialism. With the leaders of the Democratic party in power today, Reid and Pelosi, and with Joe Biden he has all the tools the needs to make that happen.

Not that Bush and King Henry haven’t already started that journey. King Henry being Paulson. When you call the banks in and tell them you are going to sell a percentage of yourselves to the government, you are stating to nationalize business. 

More government, more taxes, less freedom, fewer personal choices, more labor unions, fewer jobs, higher capital gains taxes, more government jobs, and income redistribution. That’s the choice.

You can put all the words you want to put around it, but if that’s what you want, buy it. If you believe you won’t get this, you will be very surprised.

There are no surprises with Senator McCain.

That trust gap will be the only lifeline McCain can hope to grab.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    What is Trust these days when we find ourselves unable to trust those we have elected to protect the American Dream? Trust use to be something we could trust and believe in, but those days are gone. Even Our currency, the American Dollar, which is inscribed with “In God We Trust”, is no longer Trustworthy nor is it worth the value it’s printed on as we continue to print more and more of it each and every day and hand it over to the un-trusted, the very ones we trust who our out to destroy us. Okay, I guess that’s a bad example, but for sure, I can trust they are trying to kill us, Trust me on that.

    Trust, how can we trust as we continue to see those we elect who end up being not trustworthy of our trusting them with our votes? Trust me, trust is just another word in our ever expanding dictionary and find it no longer means anything except to a few of us who continue to place trust in the word Trust.

    I want to trust, believe me I do, but like the word Trustworthy Friend, we only have a few we can trust in, to be there when we need a friend. It would be great if we could be more trusting, but Trust requires trust. This is getting pretty deep and I’m not sure where I’m going with it, but Trust me, I will try and sum it up, Trust me.

    Like our Greatest President, Ronald Regan said to the Russians, Trust but Verify. What this means is, I will trust you to do the right thing, but until I can trust you, I will have to verify your truth before I can give you my trust. Trust is something you earn from someone who trusts in you and you have proven to be trustworthy.

    Like the Russians, I have not yet been able to verify and put trust in those who blindly trust or want me to trust Obama, nor can I trust what he has said on the campaign trail and his well scripted speeches in order to get elected. There are too many unanswered questions about trust and his past and his true identity to be trustworthy.

    Unlike McCain who has proven his trust by putting his life on the line for us, Obama has not done anything that I can see that he has earned my Trust. Therefore, Obama is not yet Trustworthy of my Vote, my life, My Family, My Friends, or anyone else I care about.

    Trust Me, Vote for John McCain, a man you can Trust and a man who has earned it.

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