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October/14/2008 1:18AM
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Will the world be a better place when America steps aside and lets the new world power take over?. We’ve really only had the job since the end of World War II. Seems like we’ve tried really hard to do it well and do it fairly. After all, we didn’t keep France after we saved their bacon like Russia did with all the countries they saved. 

For the most part we have tried to help countries that  needed help financially and militarily. We have asked little in return. The job isn’t getting any easier. The world is getting bigger and scarier. It’s a full time job to be the world’s guardian. Maybe it’s time to let someone else try.

After all, what was the price the UK paid when we took over the job from them?

Are there benefits to us from letting someone else do it? We could give them the UN. That’s a big benefit. We could let the new Top Dog respond to all the disasters in the world. We could just look after our own. Katrina showed we need work in that area. Instead of rebuilding someone else’s infrastructure, we could rebuild our own. If we don’t rebuild the electrical grid here it will break down and we will have brown outs every day. It’s so hard to reset those blinking digital clocks.

Maybe we could go back to making stuff again like the potential top dogs are doing and let them concentrate on war materials. 

Our delegate could vote no on every idea the top dog puts forth just like they all do to us now.

Darfur, send the top dog to fix it, we will sent some meals ready  to eat.

Do you think the world would be a better place if China was the new top dog? They might be less thoughtful than we have been when it comes to things like prisoners in Gitmo, for example.

Our job would be to just make sure we can defend our turf if the top dog comes calling. If someone else came calling we could ask the top dog to help us. Wouldn’t that be different?

We would no longer feel obliged to export our ideology since we have admitted it ran it’s course. and doesn’t work in the world today.

We could mess with the Yuan since it would be the currency for oil and the mark that all other currencies are measured against. That might allow us to export some of the new stuff we make to them instead of buying from them. 

We could ask them to solve global warming, since it’s the top dog’s job to fix things like that.  

Maybe it’s not such a great job after all. Like it or not, it’s not going to be ours much longer, so get used to the idea that it’s a good thing to let someone else do it. 

Israel, sorry, but you have to go to China for help with Iran, we don’t have that in our job description any more. Oh, China is on Iran’s side since they buy cheap oil from them. Sorry, try France. France won’t answer your calls, well try Russia, they are next in line for the top dog job. Hell, try Brazil, they have a bigger GDP than we do. Try Canada, they sell us what little oil we can buy these days. Israel, why do you keep calling us, we are broke and barely have enough energy to operate our country let alone come over there and settle a dispute? Try the UN.

See, once you give the top dog job to someone else you get passes for almost every responsibility away from home. 

Another bonus, we shut down the Department of Homeland Security, since the Muslims now hate China and we are doing profiling since the liberals have lost favor here and my wife doesn’t have to disrobe anymore going to the gate at an airport. It’s a known fact, they only hate the top dog. Ask the NY Yankees. 

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