Presidential Platform Needs to Trump the Candidates

October/03/2008 23:57PM
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In case you missed it, this country is in a big, big mess. It’s come a lot faster than I thought it would and it’s worse than you or I could ever believe. If someone doesn’t turn the Old Queen Mary, it will run aground. Options are getting to be fewer and fewer. While the ship is sinking Al Gore is on deck with a big fire hose putting water in as fast as he can. He suggested civil unrest to stop any further use of coal in this country. China is building coal fired generators at a record pace. Let’s export Al to China. Maybe he can whip up some unrest over there. He epitomizes the type of leadership we can’t afford right now. The luxury of buying into bad ideas has passed for us. The Chinese would run him over with a bulldozer on day one.

Last Thursday I predicted a 700 point Dow drop this Monday. A friend sent an e-mail criticizing me for underestimated it by 73 points.   We can’t make a mistake in November. It’s not about style vs. substance, it’s all about intent. What medicine does each candidate propose, and which is a better cure and which will make it worse.

Here’s my call. I believe Obama will sink the ship for a few reasons. First, I believe Barack will raise corporate taxes. Facts show the countries that have reduced corporate taxes have the fastest rate of GDP growth. Do we  want to reduce GDP in the face of a growing depression?

Next, I believe Obama will increase entitlements. See the September 28th entry where I blame most of our economic woes on excessive entitlements. 

Energy will be critical to growing and creating jobs. Obama is on the same page as Gore. He’s says he isn’t, but he will do nothing to increase domestic energy productions except put a windfall profits tax on the oil industry and create a big government bureaucracy to achieve renewable energy. Nothing will come of this. 

Labor unions will get the card check plan from Obama. This will enrich the corrupt unions, increase political contributions from the unions to Democrats, but will reduce jobs and move business elsewhere. 

Health care for all costs will be borne by business and those who have health care. More entitlements. More we can’t afford.

Obama is against the First Amendment and that really scares me. His staff is trying to stop any ads that McCain runs that attack him. He is a pretty sensitive guy when it comes to attacks. Ask Bill Clinton. Bill is still pretty mad about the race card incident. While we don’t have a free press, we still have free speech. The press only looks for problems with those they don’t support. Why else can you explain the mortgage mess and the lack of good investigative reporting leading up to the problem becoming public ,and still today when no real facts are being reported. The liberal Democrats are up to their eyeballs in this mess and the media is giving them a pass.  With the media in his pocket and his record of attacking any detractors, Obama is really a dangerous threat to the First Amendment. This at a time when the American people need real facts and solid journalism. All we stand to lose is everything.

George Bush will go down in history as the worst president of my lifetime.It’s hard to be worse than Carter, but he has managed to do it. So much for an ivy league education.

McCain is not going to be the solution. But, Obama’s platform just doesn’t fit the times. Everything he wants to do will worsen an already bad economic climate. It just doesn’t seem to be the time to try to make things worse. 

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  1. Ken Dozier says:

    No matter how hard the Democrats try and convince you that our current economic down turn is a result of Bush, they are forgetting to mention that the Democrats have been the majority in both the House and Senate for the past two years. They and the media are not telling you that Fanny and Freddy began while Clinton was in office.

    It was the Liberal Socialist Democrats who encouraged and pushed for giving every American who wanted a home to get one and despite the fact that many of them could not pay for them. A Socialist Government says; don’t worry, we’ll take care of you and pay for everything. Listen folks, this is Socialism in its purest form and it is what Obama would like to further enact if he gets elected.

    He wants to give us everything and give our government more control over our lives and anyone who pays taxes will pay for what ever he is pledging to give us. You may think this is a great idea, but it isn’t going to be free, because believe me, nothing if free and at some point, we’ll all pay the price in one way or another. We’ll pay more than higher taxes; we’ll lose our Liberty and way of life, which we have fought for the past 230 years.

    If you think increasing taxes and windfall profit taxes to businesses, who are the ones who produce the jobs that drive our economy, two things are going to happen. Jobs will be lost, businesses will continue to fail, and the tax revenue the government will receive will actually decrease, which will require them to raise the taxes even higher on the rest of us who do have any money left. It is a failed Socialist plan and if you vote for Obama, we are going to be just like Russia. All you have to do is look at the economies of any of the Socialist countries and ask your self if that is what you want? I Don’t…

    If we are going to turn this country around, we absolutely will not do it by implementing Socialist ideologies that turn out to be repressive and eventually destroy growth and prosperity.

    Governments that promise to provide everything to everyone end up controlling us. The more the government controls the less control over our lives we’ll have. We do not want or need Government control and handouts. We want to make our own choices, not what the government wants to give us.

    Remember, you get what you pay for and with Obama, we’ll all pay much more than what you can imagine.

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