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October/24/2008 23:12PM
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You’ve all heard of Joe the plumber. Well, let me introduce myself, I’m Phillip the journalist.

First, some background. I went to prep school at Exeter. I grew up in Connecticut. My father worked on Wall Street. My mother was a homemaker. My father went to Choate, but I couldn’t get in there, my grades weren’t that good. My dad and mom both graduated from Yale. I graduated from Columbia. 

My first job was at the New York Times. My writing skills were not up to the standards of the Times. Actually, I got fired because some of my research didn’t pass muster. 

I got a job as a reporter on a Hartford TV station. My good looks got me inside covering the early and evening news. Reading a teleprompter was my cup of tea. I married a lady who graduated from Radcliffe. She is an author. Unpublished, but an author. We have two children. 

I’m now a TV reporter for CSNBC. I live in the same Connecticut community my grandfather and father grew up in. I belong to the country club and my wife and I are active in the community. Our children go to private schools. I make $200,000 a year, but we support our lifestyle with trust funds from my father, mother, grandfather, and my wife’s family. 

Everyone in my life is a liberal Democrat. The people I grew up with, went to school with, and work with. I travel extensively in Europe, France mostly, and would like to see the U.S. become more like Europe.

Our mission at CSNBC is to get Barack Obama elected. We have weekly staff meetings to evaluate what we can get away with from a bias standpoint. We know we have to throw a bone to the Republicans every now and then, but we offset it with at least two or three negative stories. 

We think everyone West of the Hudson River is a hick. Poor misguided souls. I almost never travel anywhere but California unless business forces me to.

Recently, some smuck gave a business update at the staff meeting. We are losing share and money. Not my problem. Everyone I know in the “business” share’s my ideology. My former workers at the Times, the people at NBC, and certainly the people at CSNBC. Right down to the mail room.

It makes you powerful to know you can conjure up the truth and get the morons in America to buy it. We now we manipulate the masses and it’s pure power. My job gives me access to the power base in Washington. Chuck Schumer and I are best of friends. 

Every day I wake up and think about how much I detest George Bush. I’ve been ripping him on air for eight years and I will miss him. I was for Hillary but when I got to meet Obama I flipped. How great to have an African American president. Sure, he will raise my taxes, but my tax guy says he can fix that.

I’ve had fun trashing Sarah Palin on air. She is everything my circle of friends hate about America. She’s not educated at the right schools, she’s from Hicksville, Alaska, too many kids, and not part of the plan we have for this country.

When I started in this business we made an attempt to be fair and balanced. It’s nice today not to even try.

So, that’ me, Phillip, the journalist. I’m typical of 95% of the people in my business. I can destroy careers, make careers, and spin people to believe whatever agenda I’m pushing. I’m a big part of the reason Obama will be the next president. We’re sure we’ve gotten him at least 6% in the polls. 

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